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Bar is saying that look I'm going to have it to you in April. It's it's sometime this month. We're we're working on it. It's thousands of pages. Let us let's work on it. And we're going to hand it to you. You don't need a subpoena me, I told you it's coming. But again, this isn't about right wrong. This is about American moves on very quickly from these things have to capitalize on the moment. Our attention spans are like half a second. Now. I'm sorry. What were you saying, exactly? On a local issue. Guys talked about this a little bit last hour as well. The former state Representative Republican David stringer from Prescott he resigned last week because he didn't want to hand over documents to a house ethics committee, and we found out what's in those documents. The fact that he was accused of paying two boys aged fifteen ten dollars for some SE X. Yes. And he was he was not convicted yet he had to have five years of supervised probation. Right. He pled guilty to lesser charges. Unrelated expunge the records hoping they would never see the light of day again. But obviously they have now seen the light of day. Again, were like, wow, he denies all thing. He went on Facebook like three o'clock in the morning on Saturday clearly couldn't sleep and he wrote this defense seventy one he gets up early. That's probably true earlier than me even. That he was defending it and saying these were tough allegations. I didn't want to risk losing in courts. We took this deal who many people believe 'em, raise your hand. Sangley any rose to the level of a state Representative of the house just from reading stuff blowing certainly is. There's you. Download this hour is brought to us by rainforests plumbing and air call six zero to ask green. Thanks look at east.

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