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Two, two two. All over. Had you on the Joe pags show. Thanks for stopping by. What's going on lots to get to? Getting very odd on suggestions. On on my my video game concept fortnight, so yeah, I can't polo gut because. That if that happens the person suggested that you win I think I think you're the big loser of that. Yes. The loser. You don't win when you do something like that. Definitely not the winner. Definitely not eight nine four one pags joepags dot com. Glad to have you here. Quick story and Facebook in a moment, and I want to expand upon that tomorrow. Tomorrow. If you don't mind. Interesting idea that one of the cofounders our Facebook has Facebook. Guys billionaire. Problem. Yeah. Facebook, very interesting. Minute. Let me tell you about express VPN gotta keep you safe when you fly around online floating around your SP your service provider. Whatever company you pay for internet service your connection to the internet. They see everything you're doing everything then collect that data. And then gathered up group it up sell it off to some third party vendor who then will start advertising to you about stuff that they know that you serve.

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