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You're hearing morning edition on kqed public radio later this morning will on kqed science the bay area salt pawns are a relic of history dating back to the gold rush head of the salt pawns get there and why are they such bright pink colors that's on kqed science during morning edition at six 23 inc and again at 823 here on kqed public radio after morning edition it's forum during the nine o'clock hour it's the news round up from the gop tax overhaul to the status of special counsel robert mueller's investigation forum discusses all the latest national political news at ten o'clock here from dr robert lusty gone the hacking of the american mind dr lustick says that our addiction to smartphones and social media is largely driven by corporate profit in that the technology behind these devices has designed a traitor the same reactions as a drug that you see us f researcher joints forum in studio to talk about his latest book the hacking of the american mind the science behind the corporate takeover of our bodies and brains that's forum with michael krasny from nine to eleven this morning here on kqed public radio it's seven and a half minutes now after four o'clock good morning yeah it's morning edition from npr news i'm steve inskeep in washington and i'm david greene in culver city california this week may be a big moment for president trump republicans in congress really the entire conservative movement the house and senate are poised to pass a republican tax bill and send it to the president's desk treasury secretary steven mnuchin went out over the weekend to sell the bill here he is on cbs's face the nation yesterday people said we wouldn't get this done were on the verge getting this down the single biggest change to the tax system ever that president trump is going to sign this week in his priority along has been fix a broken system congressman andy harris republican representing parts of maryland uh supported this legislation and joins us this morning congressman orient good morning good to be with you well thanks for the time i know the final five hundred page bill came out friday night anything in this last virgin surprise you i know he knows a compromise between the.

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