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They want three thousand dollars, and I've read about this online. Again, you really went upset a dealer telling me found out information online from blog. Do you know why because they have technical service bulletins if they know it's a problem if they know it's a recall, they're gonna fix it period. Hey said, so the work seems premature for the pilot. So I asked technician to ask Honda for subsidies, and they declined well, a number one Honda dealer be. I actually don't know anything about this transaction at all. I don't know if he did the maintenance, I don't know if he did the all changes. I don't know if he had his valves adjusted. I don't know anything about this transaction. I dunno where he bought the pilot. I don't know if he took it back to that dealer to do all the maintenance on it. I don't know anything about it. I don't know if he bought it new and or used, but he wants me to get involved in it. Well, a I don't know anybody at this dealership. I can't pick up the phone, and because I don't know them if they lied to me to my face. I wouldn't know if they were lying or telling me the truth. But if I pick up on the on the phone here, Nicole Chad chase. I know if Chad tells me something, it's true. That's it. I know. And I just ride this, and I don't want to get involved in this because again. He thinks he's given me a ton of information. And he is giving me no information. Last september. I purchased the two thousand eighteen Chrysler Pacifica s limited again, not somebody on this show. It's taking a really long time for the system decide the battery sufficiently charged perform the start stop function. And then he continues on with it. And I said, yeah. Dealers not on the show. He's an electrical engineer to boot. And again. I don't need him going into a dealership and saying Ed Wallis thinks you're lying to me. If you have reached the point where you need me to validate what you suspect is happening that somebody's blowing your off you picked the wrong dealer. But it gets better purchase the two thousand sixteen f one fifty Larry at forty five thousand miles had the truck three months fifty three thousand miles. Now. Make a long story short broke down to the dealership. I bought it from not on this show. And they have to put an engine in it..

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