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Well he brings the table in terms of consciousness and selfawareness within a songwriting tradition um which is a slightly different tradition from you know the tradition of american poetry women issue grocer making when you read your poems out loud you talk about that a little bit because uh you know you you have to rethink that were written for the page yeah yeah i know i'm a poet for whom i would say music aladi is through the word museum is the calorie is really important like i do like uh there's a great line by the poet while a stevens where he talks about what he calls the home of thought is needed by the mind and i love that because it gestures to the way that poetry kind of like music can sort of work on the linda excess them right that there's a way much poetic language on is not nearly transactional or denote heat of and i think that is where you know i see what the nobel committee with up to in the sense that they're you know song lyrics are similar to poetry right it and and in that they're not like what he's literally saying isn't always what's actually being said right and so when i am about to your question when i'm writing and reading like i knew really hear it in my head and i do here it is a kind of music kalladi and um to me the reading of the poem is really important but i also really recognize it was time others with my graduate students that like yeah when you hear it out loud you get certain things that and you miss other things they got on the pitch and both i that when you just read silently to yourself you're getting certain things about the pom and not other things so we think of poetry of the kind of foiled arch foes contemporary virtually is this you know there is the odd.

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