Jeffrey, F. Steen, President Trump discussed on Vickie Allen and Levon Putney


Supposed to check on convicted sex offender Jeffrey obscene every thirty minutes an indictment alleges they did not and they log phoney reports to cover it up well F. Steen awaited trial for new sex abuse charges he hanged himself in his cell the union representing correctional officers supports its members local president Tyrone Covington Burling data indicate the stack and opened up the thirty minute rounds it is a fact that had a conducted a thirty minute rounds missteps and still would have twenty nine minutes to take his own life it is clear to us that these indictments on Max to cover up the true issues in many be able to create a narrative that the government has taken action he says severe under staffing plagues the MCC and contribute to what happened in lower Manhattan Shawn Adams WCBS newsradio eight eighty triple a says there has to be more oversight of new York's red light camera programs WCBS is Marla diamond takes a look New York state requires cities and towns to turn over data from their red light camera programs but triple a found many records late incomplete or missing altogether as was the case in Mount Vernon says Robert Sinclair junior a spokesman for triple a northeast so it's impossible to make any kind of evaluation of our program is going and this is in strict violation of the vote the regulations that exist as far as red light camera programs no reports at all neighboring Yonkers has seen an increase in intersection crashes where there are red light cameras but Sinclair says there have been no engineering studies to figure out why triple a is calling for more state oversight of red light cameras to ensure they are improving safety and are not just cash grabs Marla diamond WCBS.

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