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He suffered when he was rear ended on I sixty four in the east end Wednesday. GMC Astro van traveling eastbound struck the officer in the rear squad car. Now. The fortunate thing is the officer was in his vehicle the time. It was struck a handwriting. So for treatment, minor injuries and labor surgeon Kelly hill, the driver John O'Malley of Mathews county has been charged with reckless driving for state police troopers were struck in separate accidents during the recent snow and a Hanover firefighter was killed on the highways during the fall hurricanes. Rain expected much of the day today enough to likely move us into second place in the record books. It looks like our severe weather threat is pretty low today. The marginal risk is set up in North Carolina. So it's well tour south so not expecting severe weather by any means, but can't rule out some strong wind gusts with the line that moves on through NBC twelve is Meghan wise, we need under an inch of rain and move into second. If we don't get it today there will be chances Sunday and New Year's Eve, they seven of the federal government personal sat down and no end likely. No end in sight for the partial government shutdown as President Trump digs in his heels on funding for a border wall. And Democrats refused to. Give it to him acting chief of staff. Mick Mulvaney, blaming Nancy Pelosi for what he says is the breakdown of discussions. This all comes down to MRs MRs Pelosi speakership, I think left to his own devices that Chuck Schumer, and the Senate Democrats probably would cut a deal, but they're protecting. Mrs Pelosi Democrats have offered money for border security, but say they will not fund a border wall. Mark Remillard, ABC news. The mother of an eight year old boy who died at the border likely from flu is talking eight-year-old Philippa Gomez Alonzo who passed away on Christmas Eve was part of that can fold surge in migrants to come through El Paso this year. He died six days after being detained along with his father, his mother speaking to cameras for the first time saying it was a surprise when my husband said that my son died when I said goodbye to him. He was healthy. Philippi was the second child to die in the span of three weeks while in border patrol custody. Kinda Edison is working to figure out what caused a high voltage equipment failure. That unleashed. A flash of bright blue light in the night sky over New York City last night. Initially described it as a brief electrical, fire and a power substation in queens. But a spokesman says what ended up happening was what is called an arc flash. It's like a bolt of lightning and it occurred after a malfunction in equipment and Newsday report says Virginia's economy grew at a slower rate than the rest of the country in fiscal year. Two thousand eighteen personal income grew at four point one percent in Virginia compared to four point five percent nationally housing prices in Virginia rose five percent compared to six point eight percent. Nationally report says the economic indicators reflect in part Virginia's reliance on slower growing federal employment checking your money, the Dow is currently up two hundred fourteen points. The SMP is currently up twenty eight points..

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