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Robinson versus turpin journalist and broadcaster will forty years with london evening news which so two million dollars would you believe in evening paper not fully determine family and particularly randolph during amitav careers when it came to ray robinson turbine that was the big time on don't measure things with today's standards maybe england in the world cup final us these measure up to it but it really was massive were leisure sports right after the war were at the height and there wasn't the competition then for headlines there is today on the sports page back in nineteen fifty one and i speak here for the united states it was basically baseball boxing and in its season football and that was mainly college football the rest of it wasn't the big sport that it is today so boxing by definition was a major major sport over here fulling the second world war years i mean there was rationing loan after the war ended and really times haunt in this sense you ready wasn and to come up with them we could be part of in a way it was bringing the soda the national ferber was coming back in britain of one summit or i may win something that i think that's what create is such a draw yes it was right roman some ninety but allocated the underdog if it's such a natural to happen what it did for the public large which temendous the time i mean people would start and talk in the street total strangers what do you think of the fight tonight tomorrow night whenever it was you know it was only re bodies lips some of the promotes us today would love to like put on the drawing card like that i'm not sure they can any more the british fight coming tator reg gutteridge in the american boxing historian but suga to the game's most respected observers united in admiration for the man born walker smith junior who changed his name and his sport sugary robinson was i think the most flawless boxer i've ever seen knowing no seems everything he did was fluid his offenses defense i even saw him deliver a knockout punch going backwards which is one heck of a lot of leverage the man had every tool at his disposal and used them properly when he walked into a room people would don't appl but they don't stare an unsmiling bound things he was like a plant clark gay bolivia state he just says some immense presence about him you know i don't think it would be another flight to lock him away muhammad ali his credit always says always shall i could have been a big right robinson not says don't doesn't that robinson was the greatest pound for pound meaning that i measure whose every week find the same style he's agreed out of the yes ma'am was beautiful time in speed reflexes rhythm everything was beautiful if you all these great american no trainers angelo done dis and the eddie futch is only people who's the best fighter voteon lewis say the same thing will there was sugar ray robinson and then they were the authors randolph turpin was born and brought up in the english midlands and became known as the lymington liquor his guyanese father died when randolph was barely twelve months old the hurricane to rely heavily on his older brother jackie who's now seventy six and the only surviving member of randolph's immediate family a litter box in once he started everything he did was books in box inbox ten prayer before he did an.

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