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He just graded every twenty. Twenty one draft prospect played in the summer league. That was an intense process of a lot of watching summer league video so raphael. We talked about those guys who outside of those top nine really stood out to you. I think i know what you're going to end. I think i know who your answer is going to be on this one outside of those top nine. Who is your guy in the summer league that you were impressed with well. I'm going to curb by. Won't go my guy i but i thought bones highland played very very. Well i i saw you gave him a and i thought it was well well deserved and i think that he went to like a perfect team. Am i appeal. Yokich is the perfect player for a combo guard. A guy that completely a little point but he doesn't have to have the pressure of being a table center in. I think plan with yokich and denver. I think he's gonna crack the rotation. I mean we saw marcus. Howard play as a rookie know those due to injuries. But i think highlands highlands gonna make an impact as a rookie. And i think he helped denver. I thought he was one of the more impressive rookies and proud. He's a guy that's going to outperform his draft position in again. Sometimes it is that fit. And i agree with you on bones highland at that moment. He was drafted by the nuggets. I'm like that makes perfect sense what they need how he plays. I could see him playing lou. Lou williams sorta six microwave scores sort of off the bench. You're right with yokich on the floor and jamal murray. Whenever he's back and healthy he doesn't need to be a lead ball handler for this team. Though i will point out he had four point eight assists the game. Which which you know. He showed some abilities to be elite ball handler in the summer league. I don't think that's primarily. How they're gonna use him in denver. But i agree with you. Both highland was one of the guys that i just again pleasantly surprised. And anytime you get a guy named bones in the league and it looks like they're gonna stick. You've got to be pretty happy. Tim calmly again. I generally think he's a really great drafter and general manager. We'll talk about a guy that maybe a little bit later. That i think maybe he made a mistake on. But it's pretty rare that denver. The denver makes mistakes utah. Yeah yeah unless they're trading the guy to utah. I'm gonna. I'm gonna steal your thunder and talk about albertans. Goon for a second who goes sixteen and looks like the guys like john. Hollinger and kevin pelton some of the stats guys. That this guy is a top five pick. He certainly made them look good in the summer league and again that's always you know something that we have to put on there as a qualifier in the summer league sin goon looked like a top five pick in this draft at a basketball genius. Offensively rebounded the ball. Well shockingly i think was second among rookies in blocked shots per game. Which is not something that i necessarily saw coming. The passing was there. He just overall looked like he was more ready for this than anybody else. Some of that may be that the turkish league competition is actually stronger than the summer league competition so he was actually kind of moving down down division instead of a division which you normally would sort of expect for guys and so. Maybe that's part of it is well my only caveat. We did not really see him. Go up against the nba level strength size athleticism that. He's typically going to face undefeated. And i'm not talking about. Okay let's see if he can do it against anthony davis because i know almost nobody can do it against anthony davis but just in general most of the guys that he was dominating think about that pistons game where he worked over. Luca garza. okay. We already knew coming in that. Look garza defensively was going to have some issues. And so that's three matchup in the summer league and so i do want to before we annoy him as a complete steal of the draft. I do wanna see him against that. Nba level of athleticism and strengthen and link link. What did you think about. His performance at thought performance was great. Especially when you consider. He didn't get post touches and he was on a team with guards. That aren't table setters so there were plenty of plays again. I'm.

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