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A ruling to have democracy in hong kong people steel we'll protest for democracy but what happened after the protests started could come up to the home of the black he uh and then we stay here around free hours because based on the principle that on the law long follow the civil disobedience relief that all all members in our activists in this action in the sphere of history away but why we doing justice to the show i'll persistent until the shiny stuff man we wanna faquir liu killed five came on to have democracy but what happened to your colleagues josh wong nathan law and others that something went wrong with the protest admit yarosh show the two police arrest them off of three hours later an and to pull the arrest our our coal these are in twenty six people and charged them with public notion and then discharge the various theorist hershey and haul call a maximum punishment and a maximum charge is seven years and then now assure nathan have you arrests are i'm more than eight hours steel in opposed station how are they doing have you been in touch with them at all no they can just came in touch with us through the lawyer but our lawyer heffer hindu twenty six person so is in the first difficult situation crossed now do you have any idea how long they're going to be detained for while i can north i'm sure about that my lawyers heavy has been over ten hours maybe proper return to your house we spoke to joshua wong two weeks ago he said then that he expected to pay a price going to jail in other words for doing this kind of activism was that the reason you decided not to attend today because you feared you might be arrested no because i'm not attend because i have to do to beagles court twickenham were they expecting them to be arrested today are from a rarity bureaucratically room ceo i'm expected through view that the that fm gay dare rarely they'd mode at hauge land the chinese government will attempt to exit sharifi you suggested they might be detained for up to twenty hours but there there are reports saying that that.

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