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Their end as BT with a long pause and they'll throw to first again. Dodgers fans are impatient. change run back in the first inning. new strategy a little blue pit one Corio walk voters single a ground ball out off the bat of Kevin Pelor so far that's the only run of the game here's a swing and a high drive left center field hello world news he's making the quality will make their taxes time short of the wall number three not quite as spectacular but PKN end as might it just missed that one. we gave it a pretty good ride chemical are was able to track it down one hit one laugh one of the fifth with the top of the order coming up for the chance and it does look like a yes a new Dodgers pitcher one of the giants lead on KNBR northern California Honda dealers radio network. remember your kid's first bike ride you were filled with pride and terror now she sixteen on her first solo drive but this time it on to sit back with Honda sensing safety features and apple CarPlay so she could check in just like we agreed right young lady right now get a great deal on a new civic enter northern California Honda dealer for nor cal. anyone who owns a. I'm time.

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