Ukraine, President Trump, President Putin discussed on Noon Report with Rick Van Cise


Take a look at the picture who do you see in the foreground about photo presence unless he that's a photograph in may twenty nineteen were newly elected presidents on ski visited the Luhansk region in eastern Ukraine it was his first visit to the front lines of dumbass as president can you just tell tax paying Americans why it's so important that our hard earned tax paying dollars help presence Lynskey in the man standing beside him fight against Russia and this hot more absolutely Sir president unless he was elected an overwhelming majority to defend Ukraine interests that is the time when Ukrainians are defending their sovereignty and territorial integrity on Ukrainian soil from Russian backed soldiers who are attacking them they said fourteen thousand Ukrainian lives lost is worse so far as I mentioned a few this week already and this is a hot war this is not a frozen conflict people are shooting each other and dying the injured every single week and despite the on going war they're still trying to pursue peace presence once even right now is trying to pursue a summit meeting with president Putin in order to try to bring this war to a conclusion so they they can move on with all of the difficult things they need to do in terms of building economy and reforming the judiciary and whatnot I want ads one other thing Sir if I may Mister Turner had suggested earlier that it and somehow in Paris presents Lynskey I have the deepest respect for.

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