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Now envision everybody in california their places they're up in smoke their places are being destroyed in the same ways as a hurricane you can only replace things but you can't replace memories i guess what i'm holding the mirror up and asking is how was it possible whether it's abc nbc cbs and i won't limited to them or cnn and msnbc or fox's rainbow wii is there such a fascination when somebody shoots a gun such a fashion fascination when it's eric and you probably say why because wildfires after all the time i got readiness for you so the twisters soda hurricanes soda volcanoes so to shooters don't look away yet keep looking in the mirror you haven't got the answer yet how was it this same com contrary this same people they wanted to talk to everybody that was there what they saw what they felt would they survive talked to anybody who lost anything are lost a loved one whether it was the hurricane a shooting and nobody cares talk to anybody with wildfires the death toll is thirty one thirty one precious life killed horrifically so were they and it's like america doesn't care i think at some point before i even get onto we got some real teachable moments today amazing teachable moment the difference between a smart targeted tax cut and what is tax reform morally principally and by definition you're not getting tax reform you're getting a targeted tax code okay call it that i'm alright but don't call a reform it's not and don't miss out the real need rough form yet to happen where the new 25th amendment whisper campaign against the president really shows how intolerant desperate the left is her what obama did illegal so now everybody's attacking the president for being what legal and in iran deal at an honest conversation about the probably the most predictable threatened planet earth iran and we got nfl follow up we got vegas update follow up we got harvey weinstein follow up but before i did anything today and they don't know how much dr savage has done on this i think everyone one of us before we take a break and comeback should steer right into this mirror and ponder this thought how is it possible we care so much about loss of property when it's a hurricane but not what it's a wildfire loss of life when it's a shooter a hurricane or a tornado but apparently no wildfires and you know.

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