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Guarding randall they throw it to radio one on one with harris baptized thomas goes baseline shoots it over the backboard not gonna count foul i on mason plumlee alex caruso comes in contagious caldwellpope goes out and that'll be laker basketball on the side shot clock reset the fourteen seconds here we go caruso gets it into long ball ball throws it on top to isaiah thomas guarded by devin harris gets julius randle pick shoots the three jumpers good nuggets can go to for one here gotta take about nine seconds off the shop we'll barton as it up the right wing brings it back to the middle of the left hand puts it on the floor gets down the floater no good he can't buy rebound down the coups when they get the cheaper one back drives down the lane left handed layup lakers get them down to five on an eight nothing ruin difference game between difference and shot clock and game four point eight seconds harris has it hands it over the will barton at the mid cork circle we'll bart tonight one for standing barton gets a high pick for mason plumlee either get the ball out of his hands martin shoots at three over randall missed it again he's one for eleven rebound ball four seconds left for the lakers paul shovel pass whose book layup is no good tip is real good and entertaining basketball game here to start the fourth quarter nuggets leader by nickel eighty to seventy seven fourth and final comes up next on the.

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