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I told the story a long time ago and it will be true to our back through i walked in playing volleyball in high school and we were it was we were travelling to some other jim and there is already games going on it was some sort of tournament and we were our team was coming into the hallway and down the hall from the gm there was an audible like gasp from the crowd and from people play like just leg than it just went early quiet and normal wheeler sort looked around and then a guy ran out well he was sort of like will pay still running but he was holding his wrist any fallen in his own how out of his risen he was like you guy was in shock to their room it was bad but also trained on the block are definitely okay and let us your entire armed gets ripta virginia we'll do whatever just wrist so you could put like a a jamie lancaster ooh gold thing on it i'm keeping my limbs comes that you has aren't that committed to sports next one comes from a mere blumenfeld educate me on twitter who didn't mean this for us did not tweet this at us but if you think you're gonna ask a would you rather question on twitter and we're not going to use it you're wrong would you rather lose your phone wallet or computer would you rose your phone well or computer and for the sake of this let's say you never get it back you lose it forever right.

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