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To four inches very slippery out there snow covered roads especially the Boston and northern and western suburbs for the morning hours on the south coast the came to the islands there could be some rain mixing in with the snow and sleet before changing over to snow before ending then some sunny breaks are possible later on this afternoon high temp of thirty eight degrees feeling like the teens and twenties with a win tonight the winds die down overnight lows in the twenties and is partly sunny high of forty two tomorrow this is WBZ news radio ten thirty with the news watch never stop good morning I'm double all learn here the five things you need to know at five forty five it is round two of the first snow dump of the season just in time for the morning commute schools are closed in many districts including Boston you can see that listed WBZ ten thirty dot com and cancellations already today at Logan airport a ceremony of Worcester tonight to mark twenty years since the cold storage warehouse fire that killed six Worcester firemen and the hurricanes are Bruins tonight at the garden schools are closed all over the map here in Massachusetts hundreds in fact Boston one of the city's keeping the kids at home today which this student doesn't seem to mind it's really and actually also not awesome however the driving this morning here's WBZ TV accu weather meteorologist Sarah Wroblewski disability tends to drop below a mild so keep that in mind if you're headed out this morning it's going to be tough out there that snow fall rate is going to allow for the rose so quickly slick and and you got those winds of near white out conditions at times how about the air travel right now at Logan airport some eighty flights are canceled already for the morning and while it's frustrating for many the snow has led to a lesson in killing time passengers pass the time singing holiday classics with the Boston pops brass band ensemble terminal B. it was a welcome diversion for people with delayed flights this mom and her five kids were waiting to see what was going to happen with their flight your plate hasn't been canceled or delayed hopefully nine we're actually here very early about three hours only because we thought the traffic so we gave extra time but luckily it wasn't too bad they get to sit and relax yes exactly relax and listen to some classic pop songs please seek assistance news radio we are far from done with this storm WBZ's full coverage continues on there and the I heart radio app and you can see the latest list of closings and delayed openings at WBZ ten thirty dot com it's five forty eight and you could blame the weather for skipping the gym but that's not the only reason so you think you're too old to work out apparently you're not alone according to a survey conducted for the fitness app free let X. six in ten respondents had given up on serious exercise with many citing age as the reason what's interesting is the average age given for feeling too old to work out was forty one the number one reason was scheduling conflicts followed by weather and eating too much fifteen percent of respondents use Netflix as a reason to skip the gym gym Shannon B. C. B. S. news right on cue spike in the number of flu cases I'm very numb.

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