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What they do for what our soldiers do that sacrifice their lives, and I just don't care for people that put those kinds of people down. If it weren't for them, we would not have the freedom to complain about what they do now. Will he ever work again? He will question because he's black and he's a great actor. But here's what's ironic about that. Denzel Washington is not a good actor. He's a brilliant, fantastic, Okay if it's Philadelphia, I don't care if it's John Q. Or training day when he played a cop, crooked cop that Zach was great Etzioni. He won one Academy Award one. And the role in training their way plays a crooked cop with Ethan Hawke. My ninja. It was just a just gives you goose bumps watching that movie, But, yeah, he was terrific and imported, You know, you know, the irony is all that here he is. He's actually defending police. And it's on Lee Academy Award came in playing the fucking. I hate what you're saying that little bit of irony there, but It was acting and either way, he's a prominent black male. And there he is out there defending the police and you gotta love this. So there's hope. Folks keep hope alive. A lot of big name guests and fun stuff coming up this hour, Charles Payne Fernando Matteo, said the song savant. It'll be interesting to hear what Charles Payne has to say about Ron Insana and Fernando Mateo has to say about Go to sleep all and Frank Murano and you only gonna hear the ranchers in one place right here on Bernie and said Whose opinion and information never miss a headline like 77. W A. B C on Facebook. W A B C traffic.

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