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The first time I took him to sawgrass on the fifteenth hole, basic I was playing so bad, and I hit a horrible iron shot from the middle to fairway and iron just same thing. I couldn't hit an iron you like what you were going through that. Again, we start. Yes. I was going through that. And at the top of the swing. I let go the club because I was so mad and it literally flew right over his head. It's hit him killed him. Today. Feeling. I'm looking at him. Like I and I said dude on the biggest blank blank in the whole world. I'm really and he was like outs close. And I still haven't heard back to you know, what's good. I'll tell you this quickly. So we can wrap up this podcast. One don't ever throw clubs on the golf course is dangerous. There's been stories about people actually getting killed do not broke loves the golf course. That's our. Parented advice for the week. Just don't do it. It's not worth it. It's not that important. I'll give you my quick temper tension before we wrap up this final. Call and say goodbye, I've never like thrown clubs at broken clubs. But I've been so heated because nothing was going my way. I actually I picked up the bond middle halls, and I'm done, and I actually quit about eight holes in and I literally sat there and watched people play for the rest of the time drink because I was so mad. All right. So that's my temper tantrum in Gulf now, we're gonna play the audio of this final call on caddies bath marry Gotti godfather here Columbia, South Carolina. Love what you're doing. With the podcast. I thought I may offer a couple of points unsolicited advice. I caddy your mother did not AP paddle. She piece of peel. I don't three pizza restaurants. That is the correct terminology. This is not offered today. Second I had a group of boy scouts in last week. I asked. Funches? And if they were lost in the woods, how they make it out of the woods. Every one of them said that they would use the compass. There was no mention of compass third caddy as someone who's stood next to you. And Michael Phelps? I don't imagine that that number ten. I imagine that four as Omer case letter b. Thanks love. What you guys are doing podcasts. Number one, never took us the spoon to get out of oven. Okay. And if you look at a wooden speech and peel peel peel pizza peel pizza peel, I think so. Yes. Yeah. Well, you know, what when his when it hits you in the behind. It's a paddle so call it what you want, but I've never seen a pizza get spanked before. All right. All right. That is to on number two. I never seen the letter you used in the spelling of compass. Okay. So you can call shoddy whatever you want. What is still spelled Sadie? Three. Over three if you get lost in the woods, and you need to find a way out fine water. No number three is Michael Phelps? I'm not holding his leg like a child. So that we look like the letter B Newark kind of my belt it would be two separate letters together. So if it was a B, we've looked like the shortening of pound or. Or we'd look like the lower case version of the word low. Okay. So. Look, the godfather fantastical, we appreciate the call hotline. We're gonna do this this week. We are going to Lissette a question to you the patron and call us on the hotline with your answer..

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