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They have established called the Super State Strategy addicting trump in the White House flipping the Senate which I feel. None of people are talking talking about key state legislatures and building a lasting culture of grassroots participation in winning elections since for the left by doing what they do which is making it as easy as possible for people especially young people off. People to get involved doesn't that sound break and welcome to lucky episode. Thirteen of how we win all over the country ordinary people doing extraordinary ordinary things. We're giving you the tools that you need to jump in and make a difference right now as my friend. Steve says the best antidote to anxiety is action on today's episode one of our favorite actor Comedians and man on the street Billy Eichner. He's not just one of our favorites because of his great works on in parks and REC the Lion King and billy on the street but also because he's a passionate activist and he has some exciting news to share. ooh I can't wait to hear then we're going to break take more news and let you know about some great additions to swing left strategy to win in twenty twenty. It's time to get into action. So we're GONNA show you where you you can make the biggest impact I'm stoop Pearson and Mariah Craven and this is how we win. I'm excited to announce tonight for the first time I'm going to be a special adviser to swing left twenty twenty. We'll figure out what that means. That was billy eichner breaking some exciting news but before we get into that but how about goodell Roger Stone being convicted. Because that's fun to talk about. Roger Stone is. He was the stand in for for the penguin in the Batman movies who is now been convicted. Donald Trump has so many friends who are going to jail right and like thank you talk about feel good shock Tin Freud thing you know it feels real. Good is seeing the pictures of riders zone wearing the locker. UP T T shirt. He was selling that it. Back in in twenty in the run-up to twenty-six yes and now he is GonNa get locked up by I don't like to cheer for people going to Jail L. But I do like to cheer for him going to jail. Well justice is really important and if you WANNA know just how not just What a character? Roger Stone is but also how embedded he was with the trump organization and the trump campaign. there's a great documentary on Netflix about him. That gives you the deep dive into it all a lot of his own words. It's called get me Roger Stone. I haven't seen it. Thank you for that recommendation. By the way. This was your new segment documentary recommendations of the week. Oh I watch a lot of documentaries. I've got lots of stuff to recommend And then also last week. Speaking of despicable people Stephen Miller architect of Donald Trump's immigration in policies leaked emails. Hey you know. The guy that we all knew was an altar rights supporters definitely like in bed with white supremacists missus yeah he was sharing white supremacists websites and articles with Breitbart and encouraging them to publish them again. This isn't news that Stephen Miller and his hateful immigration policies and influence over Donald Trump is a straight up racist. But here's some actual straight white nationalist nationalist racism coming from his own texts. Yeah it's weird that the guy who came up with the Muslim Ban who knew like Oh look at these tax look. He's got hateful tax. But what you know all kidding aside He has zero business in our government right now and the fact right that. There is a not an uproar from the Republicans to have him removed from the White House. in response to this clear evidence of white white nationalism support speaks volumes to the complacency that the Republicans have with this hateful fascist racist administration. One thing that they are opening their mouths and complaining a whole lot about is this impeachment inquiry and frankly they're ridiculous and absurd and there's just so frustrating to watch right and they're like you said they're complaining about it. They're not arguing anything against it. They're they're saying that like its second hand testimony. Even though it's not actually secondhand testimony you literally had Mick Mulvaney in a press conference saying yeah it was a quid pro quo And we do it all the time. Yeah we all saw that we all saw that you know and then they're trying to we talk about this in previous podcast. They just try to denigrate these career civil servants and say that they are partisan or never trumpers and all that anytime they step aside step out. We had Maria. Ivanovich is testimony and during the testimony. Donald Trump tweeted out saying that she had everywhere she had gone was a disaster and Chairman Schiff Schiff chairman. Adam Schiff who we just saw the California Convention speaking. By the way we had thought ovation's he was awesome. He actually read the tweet. We in real time during her testimony and said that this is witness tampering intimidation and could be caused for further impeachment charges. Yeah and we talked last week about how this was the first impeachment inquiry of the Social Media Age and it came out you call Ah came out immediately. Trump couldn't even finish out the first week without tweeting about it and the person that he chose is to attack the Republicans would give her lip service before they started in on their on their whining about being shut down but by the the Republicans came up with the rules for all of this that they were actually in violation of back when they were in the majority. I guess it never occurred to them that the blue bluewave would happen and we would be in the majority Wedneday but that aside for him to attack this person who walked out of that room to applause laws and then when you watched her testify you could just feel how hard this all was for her. How upsetting it was to have someone denigrate her work and commitment and call that into question? Yeah wrong move dude wrong move. They don't have any right moves because they're just you know guilty as hell and we have a lot of very damning testimony to come this week. Okay here here your firsthand people right yeah exactly all right. The people who were hearing about things and complaining about things weren't enough okay. Now let's talk to the people who are actually on the call on the phone calls heard it. I'm really interested in hearing from Fiona Hill. WHO's coming up on Thursday She's GonNa have a lot of first hand information in about Not only what was going on with Giuliani. But also how John Bolton was reacting to things which I think will be a Illuminating Fiona Hill was the former National Security Council Senior Director for Europe and Russia. And as you said she had testified about John Bolton's Alarming reaction to Giuliani Where he actually said he wasn't gonNA get involved in that drug quote unquote drug deal right and just tried to miss a hand grenade? Who's going to blow everyone up We talked about Bolton's mustache and how it might Come into play here. Oh it has secrets of its own. Also there was breaking news this week early on Monday that Bolton had a private conversation with Donald Trump to try to convince him to release the aid to the Ukraine and impress upon him the importance importance of that aid in fighting the Russian aggression To No avail And we're going to find out more about that too now. The Republicans Republicans response to that is going to be well. The aid got out anyway it because their their whole defensive this is well trump failed at what he was trying to to do. So you shouldn't be held accountable for it and if I was trying to shoot somebody and I miss them and you'll be like well you I missed. I didn't really I didn't really shoot exactly. Oh okay then. Here's your combat go but it's worth pointing out. The aid did did come out after it became clear that there was going to be a whistle blower exactly so this is not a oh well. They came out the guy what they needed. Oh by the way you know. It was even more than what the Obama Administration was willing to give up. So that was really frustrating to me when I was watching the testimony last Wednesday because Jim Jordan in his in his like just pasty belligerent. Non Jacket wearing way was just ramming in this whole thing to ambassador Taylor. He was just saying that you're wrong. You you say you're so right about this but you're wrong because the aid got there in this. He was is like doing this. Hammering an ambassador Taylor I guess was being measured or didn't want to assign blame or anything clear. Answer the answer to that. Was the administration already knew about the whistle blower right and the GIG was up so they had to release the aid and Ukraine was was about to go on and announce the investigation also but literally at the day before. I think the they pulled that interview they were going to do with C. I CNN right. Because all of this was breaking so that they got caught so they abort aboard. It's like again. You're walking up to a house to break in and the light switch on someone peers through the window and you go. We can't break in now. We got to run away right. That's what happened. Yeah they ran away well so we'll be following. We'll be following that really closely. There's going to be so much and then a little pause for the holidays launched A. Hey Lovely `time holidays are coming up and we do have some things to be hopeful for. Yeah always always have things to be hopeful for. So let's talk about a reasons for hope and number one for me. We were both super-busy this weekend. Right yes because it was the California Democratic Convention Yay in Long Beach California Lovely Long Beach California tons of Democrats from across the state and and As a lot of presidential candidates coming out and you and I did some training for people. Yes at the training extravaganza. It was really cool. It was an all day training event on Thursday of last week and Describe your training that you did Mariah. Well thank you. I trained volunteers so At the at this convention The really cool thing about it is it was a great mix of I was a Democratic Party. Establishment and the grassroots organizers and sort of independent activists who are finding their way in in this new world that they've entered and so we talked about how to guide volunteers in the right direction. How to recruit them? Let me just say to people who are out there. Looking for volunteer opportunities there are so many organizations nations. That want you and that would so appreciate your help. We just have to I think as a group figure out the right ways to connect with people and so many people in my workshop said it was the swing laughed website that ultimately led them to their their. I volunteer Gig. That got them going in this. So that's a resource but Some you know Confessions from folks in the Party that they're so small that their club or chapter or group isn't sat up to be out there in the places where volunteers are looking for them right. Yeah that's a really good point and and maybe we can can all come together to help Help those smaller organizations too because just like we heard last week in.

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