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Is not that everybody thinks that this is all perfect rather than the current government for various political reasons than their cozy ties with the airline industry is not uphold the law. What what are the political reasons? Why the government wouldn't uphold the law when you look at the Quebec at Air Canada especially there are there are various issues their jobs and go back has always been a touchy area for the current government and the airline industry has shown to have a very good relationship with the current government. Undoubtedly especially Kubeck says side Bachelor tries attended the Air Canada. Mark Arnot the Federal Minister of transport responsible for airlines Scientists His office into statement that reads in part. This is a quotation. We know how frustrating and difficult this is too many Canadians but also recognize the existential position. Many airlines are in a balanced approach is needed in supporting Canadians and ensuring that they continue to have affordable inefficient air transportation options for years to come. What do you make of that particularly the reference to the existential position than her lines? Are- Mr for no music guided again. Unfortunately he's a very distinguished scientists when it comes to air travel policy. He is sorely wanting the situation in Jerusalem balancing simple. It sounds to me as if Mr Gardner wanted to balance the rights of a bank robber and a bank. The there's no question here. This does not belong to the airlines. And I guess he point is if the airlines the airlines. Were to refund all the money that's owed to all the passengers the existential pieces their lines wouldn't stay in business. There would be no money. Those passengers aren't going to get their money. Because they're unsecured creditors it would go to people who are owed much more and that that would threaten not just the passengers but his point affordable air transportation in this country in years down the road. But be that it's false. Mr Berno is not being entirely. Transparent here would respect Air Canada. We know they have about five billion dollars. We know they owed two point six million dollars in refunds so even if the refunding the all the money they was still have two point. Four billion dollars. Which is I'm sure Mr Arnott's opinion too small change The the reality is that at least for Canada. The money is there just that they want to hold onto this for various Business concentrations. This is not the same at airlines may not need some help but the question is help is coming from when you look at the modeling. Germany adopted and I would like to remind listeners. That Anglo America's not socialist exactly in Germany Lufthansa received a significant a government bailout in exchange for equity for twenty percent equity stake within the company which may go up to twenty five percent in some cases so That it could be viable model. What is clear that it is the shareholders owners falsely corporate. Printers that will have to take the haircut. They're not consumers. A shareholder investor invest in a company in the expectation of profit and assumes that Risk they are making a deal in the hopes of profit. Passengers however are not investors. Now the gamblers. They are consumers so for those passengers in the last couple of seconds that we have do you think Scott Friars is ever going to get his money back. I commend him to go for a charge. Back Process for anything. He paid on his credit card and yes he will be seeing back his money because this money belongs to him and if he may have to fight for it but the law is clearly on his side. We have your state of honor a key now in that has to be brought to an end rule of law law and order has to restore in this area. Lukaku good to speak with you. Thank you thank you very much for having me cover leukotrienes the founder of air passenger rights. We reached him in Halifax you. Welcome to comment on this if you find yourself with trip. That's not going to happen. And you're waiting for the money that You may or may not be owed as a refund. You can reach us through the website. Cbc DOT CA Slash Current. Click on the contact link. That is the current four today coming up next on. Cbc RADIO ONE IT'S Q. Tom Powers the host. Hello Tom Matt. I was so happy to hear you talk about. Folks don't have Internet access to today. Yes why I wanNA know I just spent a Lotta time traveling around this country into earlier areas and I realized that you know the way I get on about being able to stream things. Nfl Not a luxury that everybody has in this country. I know there are a lot of people who you know for whom net flicks is Is A dream Lino today? We're GONNA talk about phone booths on Q. And I think I was coming into the story going like phone booth at relic of another time but Gambia. Another example of me. Maybe examining my own privilege. Their phone booth are still useful thing for a lot of Canadians. But we're GONNA talk about one person. Manitoba who has documented all of the phone booths in Manitoba driving from each one and talks about not. Just how important do community? But how they're kind of art is well. I was trying to remember the last time I used the phone. I think when you're putting on your Superhero Costume Day to go in just to take sure there's already a big. Cbc Logo in the middle of your chest. I think that might be it. Yeah we will listen for that this morning. Thank you take care Tom. Power is the host of Cue. That comes up right after your CBC News. I'm Matt Galloway. Thanks for listening to the current. Take good care of yourself and we'll talk tomorrow for more. Cbc PODCASTS TO CBC DOT CA slash podcasts..

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