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We are out at will both RV sport show at the grounds. Most impressive thing about this. Share the do sitting in with me. Sitting next to a championship belt holder the wrestler. But man, Tony Bonetti says he's sick if he thinks he's feeling sick. Now, you wait till next week when I get them in the wrestling usually gonna fill we've got a big tag team match coming up next Saturday. They can make it. Here's what I will tell you. We Shannon the dude narrow out here. And let me tell you man, they have this four roses land set setup. You gotta come on out here. We are in our second bourbon await I forgot I was supposed to sip that one. Shot that went to on our second bourbon, seven o'clock hour should be fun. But right now, we're talking about red bird stadium as I call it. Most people call cardinal stadium and we're taking memories. And I believe we have Todd on the line toddler either. Hawse how you doing? What's going on today? Out here drinking bourbon, we didn't. We didn't expect this four roses bourbon, but we allegedly allegedly not really drinking bird. No, no, allegedly the FCC. There might have been people drinking bourbon out here for four roses. But hey, what's your what's your favorite memory of a red bird stadium? The stadium is to me is all those legendary trinity and. That's a good. Point lot of big play out here one year and a playoff game believe it or not. Yeah. Forgotten. No, that's a good call on. All there's a lotta great high school memories out there, y'all in mail and manual. I can remember my first game that ever get to see as a kid walking out there and just thinking. Wow, how big that stadium was like five or six zero. I know it and then one year I got to play out there on the field is a part of a clinic clinic, which was kinda cool to going out there on the field of play on the the fake astroturf takes real call. Good call. Hey, David, what kind of memory you have? And I'm gonna go push. My story about Mick Jagger till seven o'clock hour, but what kind of what kind of store you got there. David..

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