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And he had a. Bad ass. Opening drive. Yeah. It was incredible. He even set the pick on LeBron's TD. He it felt like every one of his catches was a key third down conversion like third. It's because it almost was I mean, four of his five catches worth third and long just like great catches to keep drive going Marlin MAC, Quentin Elston. These are Chris Ballard draft picks. The one thing about T Y Hilton. I know that TY Hilton made the opening comment about the Texan stadium is his home stadium. And then in reverse though, the Texans who are few years removed from rolling into was at Foxboro where in their Letterman, jackets, like that was a mistake among guys like why you then set up this whole infamous like back and forth where you call TY Hilton a clown. And here comes t y Hilton is owned your team statistically the last couple of times. He's played you, and is cloud, cloud mess. You knew right then something Texans to that got him I radar because the Texans just needed to not create dramas that were going to motivate the team, and it was grim. Jackson who had an awful game trying to cover TY Hilton. And this game. 'cause he's had a great. He's had a great year. But he's a free agent and this game's going to cause some tough questions by Texans because you're right Watson played his worst game in a long time. But what group on the Texans after this game is going to look back and say, well, we did our job. I don't think there was one single group. The offensive line actually protected Watson fairly. Well, that wasn't the problem for want inexperience wide receiver show great. They have a lot of issues for a team that won a lot of games. They're secondary needs to be totally rebuilt Jackson and an Honey badger who are the best two guys in the secondary are free agents the offensive line needs to be rebuilt and they're so thin at receiver. And they don't really have a running back that they trust which was obvious when they only ran about what seven eight times in this game. I think that Frank Reich that has beard, there are magical powers attached to it kidding about that. And it helps to India under hopkins's plan through a shoulder injury to. Yeah. Definitely edgy. Look is about us. Yes. Same thing. We were talking about in the NFC Saturday AFC side. I think the chiefs are probably going to be the favourite they will be the favourite next week. But luck is a guy who was playing with such confidence and he inspires such confidence in his teammates. And they're well coached team. They will not be an easy out next week. This team is flying. Where we are in. Okay. You're locking them up. Aren't you next week against the chiefs in the chiefs in euro head that is that is a tough tough ask shoot up that is a great home field venue? But the chiefs have a weakness their secondary has been deplorable. Oh year. What's the colts weakness right now? They won eleven. I don't think they I think pass rush. If I don't think they have a great natural passer rest. Okay. That's fair. They didn't have an edge rusher. But like they find guys who make plays. They've been Kenny more blitzing Margus hunt at a great down of Watson on one scramble like they play such great team defense that you know, Mark. Steam had to go talk to ever flew Sunday and say, hey, what's going on flus? Would you like to maybe coach? Exactly. So there you go that is the recap of wild card weekend. We will be back on Tuesday with our Twitter show at one thirty Pacific for thirty eastern a different time. Elsewhere in the world that's up to you to figure out based on the context clues. And we will have our next podcast on Wednesday. And then another one on Thursday, which will act as our divisional playoff show. And then of course, we meet back here. One week from today to recap all the action. That's what we do. That's the circle of life here at the around the NFL podcast. Great now. I mean, I'm excited. It's a big big time of year. That's it. Sure. Stan. The sunny four quite storm mailman y'all Boston Ricky Hollywood time the glass locking enough Bill Tuesday..

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