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Auto group fire chief meteorologist dan bruneau dan good morning everyone we have a few showers out well well off to the west of the dallas fort worth area right now but a lot of you may be heading out for creek vacation this weekend or maybe you have to work out towards the big country or west texas now you'll encounter some rain once you get to ride around ranger hill on interstate twenty and then on one eighty off to the west of mineral wells between there and albany also a few scattered showers down in we'll call it the heartland northern hill country around brownwood engulfed weight and also watch out for some very dense fog up interstate thirty once you get to ride around the mount pleasant area up towards paris about a half mile visibility you'll encounter that again that's interstate thirty well to the northeast of the dallas fort worth area radars quiet but over the past four days some of you have seen no rain some of you have seen upwards of five to six inches believe it or not temperatures this morning or comfortable into the low to mid seventy s and we have one more chance for rain today about a twenty percent chance with some thunderstorms i don't think we're gonna see the widespread event that we saw yesterday but to keep the umbrella handy just in case don't wash the cars yet you can do that tomorrow afternoon highs today we'll be in the upper nineties heat index values is high as one zero five to one zero seven and then on into the weekend and for pretty much all of next week most most of us will be at or above one hundred degrees with a heat index is approaching one zero nine to one ten by the middle to end of next week it's the middle of july folks here we go right now seventy three degrees krld in a very good morning to you it is now five forty one we are live in the mercedes benz of plano news center trump watch taking a look at a gas prices across down has gone down a penny so maybe you could celebrate that to sixty five is now our local average you can find it for cheaper than that for to forty four that's going to be in west fort worth at the texaco it clifford street in eight twenty to forty nine in south dallas the flying j advani view road in lbj and then to fifty three in frisco at the valero main street in fm four twenty three again the current local average north texas now to sixty five securities and exchange commission's investigation of facebook is moving forward wants to know a facebook adequately warned investors about privacy issues following revelations that cambridge analytica mind user information without their knowledge the wall street journal reports the sec wants more information from facebook is cbs correspondent lara podesta said that the big merger between dallas based at and t and time warner will fads or a feeling it the eighty five billion dollar deal was approved a month ago after a federal judge said the justice department couldn't prove it would lead to higher prices and fewer choices for consumers north texas mergers and acquisitions attorney brad wit luck is surprise i don't know why they appealed this other than perhaps they thought they were so deep in it that they just had to keep going and didn't really have much to lose at this point he says the judge's ruling was clear and covered all the points raised at trial the case now goes to the us court of appeals in washington dc in the appeals process could take months barbara schwartz newsradio ten eighty krld arrangers had the night off they just got swept at fenway park in boston and now they moved down to baltimore play go from the best team in the league to the worst maybe they can fair a little better over the weekend and the world cup finalists coming up this weekend as well that sunday ten o'clock in the morning texas time.

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