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Jarvis Landry, Sammy Watkins, Larry Fitzgerald discussed on Fantasy Football Today


Most downside we've got an end the problem i made a mistake i didn't specify the format with the upside poll and it's a huge deal larry fitzgerald jarvis landry and sammy watkins yet we still had plenty of responses people were not thrown off by the lack of format but which of these three wide receivers has the most upside larry fits gerald jarvis landry or sammy watkins what would you say he who has the most upside i will say larry fitzgerald i completely agree and you and i are in the minority nineteen hundred votes sixteen percent said larry fitzgerald guy was number four and pr last year he was like number eight in standard or non pr other number nine last three years he's been top sixteen every year in non pr top eleven in pr got one hundred were catches off three seasons about one hundred forty five targets every year one hundred or more i think he does have the most upside there it's gerald but the people think this shock me sammy watkins fifty two percent of the vote i don't even know what to say i guess the argument is patrick mahomes is the greatest quarterback of all time tyreek hill is just used as a the way he was two years ago where it's running the ball more it's more short passes and sammy watkins is the number one receiver on the team that seems unlikely and guess what even last year larry fitzgerald in pr scored more fantasy points than tyreek hill so not in non pr but it i i was the prize with this jarvis landry got thirty two percent of the upside let's look at the downside vote i did specify half pr of these three wide receivers who has the most downside larry fitzgerald jarvis landry or sammy watkins i think it has to be sammy watkins i agree and that he did get the most votes fifty one percent so he got fifty two percent of the upside votes and fifty one percent of the downside votes pretty interesting stuff there that's how people are viewing sammy watkins boomer bust yeah i think that's true there's plenty of downside for larry fitzgerald at his age there's plenty of downside for jarvis landry because we don't know what is target shares going to be and he relies so heavily on an enormous number of targets but sammy watkins is going to a new team with a rookie quarterback by say rookie east played one game with an inexperienced quarterback and a team that already has an established big three like we saw what could happen to sammy watkins last year i might change my answer i might go jarvis landry i want nothing to do with jarvis landry the best tyrod taylor offense and we should have thought about this yesterday we were talking about the browns running game the best route taylor offense is a pretty conservative offense it's a lot of running it's him throwing for three thousand yards i i think that is a statement that you cannot make but his strength is not turning the ball harry safe quarterback i don't think that you want tyrod taylor chuck in the ball around we don't know what the best tyrod taylor offenses because we've only seen a very safe offense run with tyrod taylor we'll find out if hailey runs a very close to the vest safe offense this year than than i yes i'll algorithm so i don't really know what to think about jarvis landry one thing i do know is that there is a significantly more talented wide receiver than anyone he's played with so far on that team there's a first round draft pick tight end there are a lot of mouths to feed and there's duke johnson coming out of the backfield so i just don't know how jarvis landry gets a hundred catches i one thing i don't know eighty five georgia's landry and sammy watkins should not be spoke of in the same breath larry gerald in half people in non pr that's debatable in pr that's not it's like yes he's a six touchdown guide larry service landry similar larry fitzgerald and what non over the past three years yeah yeah he has been i think he's usually a top twenty guy when it's all said because he hasn't missed the game you know i'll tell you where he was jarvis landry was actually he had the same amount of fantasy points as show last year in non pr.

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Jarvis Landry, Sammy Watkins, Larry Fitzgerald discussed on Fantasy Football Today

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