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Thousand not counting the housing that's furniture um and you mark a little more work a little less as you want to and add to that are you guys debt free now we have some have in my own and on air cocaine that can try how much de or in the valley acl an act gordon it came out her you'll fifty two thousand on the vehicle oh no no no no fiery on thirty two thousand nine hundred twenty eight rio on twenty yuan out of your with thirty thousand dollar vehicle when you make seventy thousand a year old man who brought new track uh not only came to go back to work i getting too so you're stupid but truck that was a stupid decision rally had made at court yeah yeah that was really bad sell the truck and be with your babies much riding a truck for babies the financial pressure you're feeling to go to work and leave your two year old that you don't wanna do is driven by this bad decision called a truck so look baba in the face and go dumb decision bubba were so on the truck were not trading the two euro for a truck what i mean that necessarily about i mean we're able to know your and you're talking to some that's council this coach people for thirty years on finances you can't afford a thirty thousand dollar truck when you make seventy thousand dollars year that's over in the crazy column kiddo crazy crazy crazy and that's why you're have that's why you're calling me by going back to work you're trying to clean up this mess that you made and it's called sitting in your driveway you bought a truck you can't afford sell the truck brandt is where those in louisville kentucky hard brand how are you hey thanks for taking my call sure what's up of course it i'm open more moment when thorough scrape by the way three years ago and um small business i'm trying to figure out what the best way to figure out what the value of it is is the business still operating yeah mario i have a brother.

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