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It so that you do not make the most viable viable egg possible we cannot at this point saying birth control causes infertility. We don't have causation enough data for causation however by by this mechanism it may impact your facility especially if you are delaying fertility and saying okay. I'm gonna come off the pill thirty eight and that's what i want to get pregnant. Well your cocoa cokie. Attend production is down if you've been taking antibiotics if you're exposed to life is like what have you been doing to your mitochondria and there's this other question that i raised which is not we we know that birth control is actually toxic to our gut bugs and anything that is toxic to the microbiome can be toxic to these little girls also called mitochondria that actually evolved from there so there's a lot of mechanisms it play that i just don't think researchers have been asking the right question and so many people shutdown and want to say we've already solved this. Shut it down like don't ask any questions. That's anti woman anti woman anti science is not asking the questions not on staying curious and not being humble. I'm sorry here i'll just say i think i've said this before. The pill is anti woman to be really straightforward. If you love the woman in your life and she's on the pill she's at greater risk for huge numbers of diseases and things is that suck the quality of life in alter her ability to perceive reality around her as in the cool factor the day so i would say it's up to you as as a friend of something like this or a mate of of someone on the bill. It's like look. I care about you. I will do my part in not having a baby so that you can have have the full experience of your health and so when someone says that if you're opposed to the pill for health reasons that you're posted women that's just industry market. There's no other there's there's no other word for that like the pill in fact we'll say birth control not even the pill but but readily accessible birth control has raised the income of women by about thirty percents developed countries. It's really a good thing to have control of reproduction but the pill is not the same as control of reproduction and when people can fight those does is because they've been influenced by industry propaganda from birth control companies and you know. I'm not a conspiracy theories there but i understand marketing. I'm pretty good at it and and you can see what's going on here so do not just if you're listening to this and you're you're stuck in that that loop that was planted by someone trying to sell you hormones uh-huh you might pay attention yeah all right. I'll get off my soapbox. Talk about no but like it's great because i talk about this in my reversing metabolic mayhem chapter are in which a drug was introduced new on and just to be clear. Everybody these are drugs. These are medical interventions. Even though they're passed out like candy i would actually argue your doctors more cautious with sugar these days than they are controlled or bad now. It's so true though so with this them there was a new progestin justin derived from andrew jans spare anum is what it's called and it came out in yeah is it's you'll still find it yazmin acela and they knew it had a potassium sparing effect act and this was bare and they marketed. They actually did tv commercials where they were like. This is all these benefits and is this wonderful thing in the f._d._a. Got all upon them and was like wait a minute like they're actually like this is not a good thing because women at higher risk of stroke and heart attack so if you're women with polycystic ovarian syndrome like you needed listening because you're already at higher risk for those things and in addition to that you like bayer was saying this will fix your p._m._s..

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