Christopher Kimbell Kim, Iverson, New York Times discussed on Christopher Kimballs Milk Street Radio - 134: New York Times Kim Severson on Paula Deen, Alton Brown and Thomas Keller


This is mostly radio i'm christopher kimbell kim's iverson is a journalist at the new york times who also covers the world of food her recent profiles apolo dean alton brown and thomas keller have merged hardcore journalism with a world of food celebrities so today a milk street kim gives us an insider's look into how she prepares foreign also navigates the very tricky waters of highprofile interviews kim how are you good how're you chris i'm well you've been busy you've done some very big profile interviews near times in the last eighteen months paul dean alton brown thomas keller and i thought it would be interesting to talk to you about the arts of the interview so the first line of the alton brun interview was the afternoon sun had melted most of the ice in the mason jar that held alton brown's sink ria i thought that actually was filled with information so when you first to interview somebody like that the in the first minute you have to come up with a strategy or a way of proceeding at how do you how do you think about well it beginning of a good interview happens a long time before the actual interview in which you are batting away layers of publicists or you're trying to figure out why this particular person particularly uh people who are at a certain level would want to speak to you and and be in the new york times him and it helps to be working for an organization that in spite of all the accusations of fake news we still believe uh in good journalism at the new york times and said that that helps and then the key is to just try to wanna hang out with them.

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