European Union, President Trump, Senate discussed on Bloomberg Daybreak: Asia


May. He's a European Union where people will get a better deal. The talks about parliamentary supremacy is it was this parliament decided overwhelmingly to ask the British people view on membership of the European Union. They gave you. Not to deliver on the main focus as we've reported is the backstop during the transition, which opponents say gives you power over the affairs of the UK. Both President Trump at secretary of state, Mike Pompeo, say no members of the caravan will be welcome to the US. Meanwhile, questions about tear gas that was shot on the crowds the protesting migrants chief patrol agency. Rodney Scott says it was to defend the border force. We try to target specifically the instigators specifically the person in the agent, but as you saw from the video once that chemical is released it does go through the air. But Marci Gonzales who is there on behalf of the organization. Mothers and fathers says that even may not be true to a mother who said she saw tear gas canisters land right in front of her children is will watering there were screaming and crying. And she says others were just picking up canisters everywhere at random the head of the Senate appropriations panel says President Trump is holding firm and his insistence on five. Two billion dollars for a border wall and his year end spending package, Richard Shelby says the risks blowing up negotiations and shrugging partial government shutdown are very possible. The house is spending Bill at five billion dollars, which is what the president wants. And the Senate though is at one point six billion in San Francisco, I'm Ed Baxter. This is Bloomberg. Bryan, sir. Thanks very much twenty two minutes here before the top of the hour is time for global sport. Dan Schwartzman is.

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