Facebook, Bennett, Houtte Psychology Department discussed on Alex Jones Infowars


That he may be able to be resuscitated but he is in a plants state that is a full trance today bad i forget the term it's called the spiral of someone's from the break was called the spiral of the spanish islands that a minority view like abolitionist 1901 about one percent the population agip percent if you have social lots of social pressure if it gets attacked it will try to selfcensor that's what they do is they have an artificial spiral of silence in these systems and but have them in place shows the artificial botched come in heard you and then the next time they heard you just a little bit by increment pretty soon they could move you for being a libertarian kind of liberal person to an absolute cult leader or cult follower who will follow anything there told sensor anything attack anybody you name it and that's even with scientists call facebook is the follow work factory and they can produce whatever they want bennett was all tested i remember sixteen years ago being allowed him to the houtte psychology department restricted areas and was all about this they had the monkeys and age assam overcame rather another sicilian bashed dravo cnn for twenty miles away booked all land and they just had flicker rates there were having watch television and practicing manipulating brain waves and it was all for screen flicker it was all darpa fund now is only allowed maybe a minute to see it by some of its all as you say it it's a no brainer a big burki waterfilled was the one you need period need a waterfilled or the removes corinne fluoride pharmaceuticals epa and other endocrine disruptors pesticides bacteria viruses a much more white and does it all at only two cents per gallon did the original most trusted name and gravity water filtration big burki the dow.

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