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Want just your favorite pizza place. I want The clear best pizza place in Tampa Bay, and I don't know. That I've had it yet. I like Eddie and Sam's a lot. It's the best that I've had here. I've got to have it again because I feel like it's been too long. And you know my palate is changed. I've eaten a lot of good pizza and a lot of different pizza since then, So I got to kind of re start the search for the best local slice because that is When I had it before. It felt like the best slice you could get locally. To me. It is. It's just that little bit of the Chris. But the so many places just can't recreate where you get it so thin, but still, that little crisp seems to be really tough. Want to place recon duck into grab a slicer to sit down and enjoy that. And to me, That's Eddie and Sam's. There are good pizza places everywhere. That place that that lady called talked about her they do talk about in Oldsmar is really good. I only had a slice that they had. I was starving and come back from playing golf and I decided to dip in there. They had one slice left that I ate it. It was good but have been sitting there a while. I'd like to try a new fresh one today is, by the way, National Pizza Day if you did not know. Do you know anything about the new Haven? Pizza? Is that something you've heard about? Behaving Connecticut? The beats. It's got like clams on it. No, no, no. What's really just they call it a beats. And then that's a pizza. A P I Z Z A is how they say it and They claim it's the true pizza capital of the world. They do it in the same style. It's got a very I don't want to say charred look, but you know what That is when you usually get like a wood fired pizza. Yeah, it's got that. It's got that look to it and I hope to make a trip there. One day it is thin crust coal fire Neopolitan pizza made in and around New Haven. And that's like that's a thing. Yeah, it's it's I mean, you know the the The guy the rates all the pizza, the pizza reviewed those hold all the highest reviews is the stuff in new Haven, maybe worked. Oh, worth the trip to Connecticut. I mean, I don't know what else is up there, But at least if you were headed in that general direction, it would definitely be worth a trip off the main road. 7 to 75791025 and 807. 711025. Hydra. Grab alive How can I help you? Yes. Hi. True, yes. Palace pizza in Lakeland. That pizza ever plots a pizza in Lakeland is really good downtown. Thank you. Drew double live below down. Thank you Hear me? What? Can you hear me? Hello? John, Do you hear anything? What? Hello. Did you hear anything, John? Yeah. Hello? Hello? Anybody there? Can you hear anything? I wanna know What the pizza thing down here, you guys, You guys do it, But it Zeke, you said it's in the water. It's zip. Mm hmm. Yes, of irony for you. Yeah, there were they cut out? We can't hear him. Yeah. 7 to 75791 or 25 to grab alive alot. Yes. Uh, it was one of the say I'm the one calling for a while. Just that I'm so happy with Mr Happy card. I mean, uh, You guys were just I think I've heard of throwing around here now. I don't know if this is true that you're somehow not the number one rated show on the bone. I just I just can't comprehend it, man. You guys, you guys were just so so far above you like everybody else look like amateurs just blows my mind. Oh, no, The with the way the ratings work, we're not rated against the other shows on this station were rated against the other shows in this time period, so We go against afternoon radio shows and we consistently perform very well. So you know if you want to think we're the best short station, that's fine. If you want to think we're not the best show on this station, that's fine. We feel good about the work we're doing, and that's what's really important to the two of us. Or sister when you guys 10, I mean, touch those things on the floor call and just just run with it is just absolutely absolutely makes my dad. Thank you. It's pretty impressive. All a minute. Thanks, man. Yeah, Thank you. We just got a picture tweeted to us of the Yeah, It's got a real charge. Look to it. I don't know if that one wouldn't be considered to be on the verge of two charred But that's the general look that they have. That's It's taken me a couple minutes to adjust to that because that doesn't look like any pizza I've ever seen. And it's not. It's in a pizza. Yeah, it's in a beat A beat. Yeah. But I saw or heard that there's a place where they came from New Haven. And I think they're down south somewhere. Maybe for Myers, like there are other places in the country that that attempted, But that is the that is the homeland. I think worth of food trip. Uh, if they're serving Beat that looks like that, then that's definitely worth the trip. Yeah, they're originated at the Frank Pepe Pizzeria and is now served by many others, including Sally's and modern in New Haven. They get that mystic pizza up there, too. The movie with Julia Roberts. Oh, I thought it was a joke. You know, it's called Mystic Pizza to do that we live below. It wasn't a decent at something Mystic was like, I should be. Oh, David, I would like to play the game Mystic. Okay, David? Sure. I'm gonna play you a clip. You're gonna tell me Hi. That's the bomb, meaning it's a pizza commercial. Or classic sitcom, meaning Of course, it's a classic sitcom. Better not win three in a.

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