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You get the best trainers from Sean t to Tony Horton, which baby you do, the p ninety x, which you love. And I don't know. I just think it's a lot of fun because the workouts are are easy. It can be thirty minute workouts. The thing is what? What sold me more to work out with Janna? 'cause she's always come in and you know, it's like Jolie's naptime. You want to go work out with me and I might be feeling lazy. And then when she came in a few weeks ago and show me about beach body on demand and show me like, you know, hey, we can do these quick workouts, it's regimented. It's it's therefore you don't have to do any legwork about what you wanna do. She showed me that ever since then I've been hooked and especially for us where our schedules a little bit unorthodox, specially with Janna stuff. And then in the work, the field of work I do now my day, my work schedule's berries day. And so being able to get those twenty thirty minute workouts at home, not taking the time to go to the gym or do any of that. It's at home in our backyard, twenty thirty minutes, knock it out, sweating. My butt off a feel good. I look great. At least my wife tells me. But it's been really helpful to have, you know some structure in that because that's what the environment I come from with. Everything. Every time I went in to work, my workout was in front of me ready to go. Now this is my way to have that at home and that's been the game changer for me. Yeah, it's here comfort zone when I walk in there too. And I'm like, all right now did a couple of curls, but it's like, no, it's like it's showing us what to do. And it's like just like my clad like basically lays out the workout for you, which is fantastic. So join over one million people. Currently I'm beach body on demand, and the one million into the me and Mike and now Jen. I'm right now my listeners can get a special free trial membership. When you text Janna to thirty thirty thirty, you will get full access to the entire platform for free all the workouts, the nutritional information and support..

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