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Of my listening to right now news radio one thousand K. T. O. K. for in the home stretch Richard Todd stays with us we have a full board of lines will try to move quickly let's begin with a first time caller Roland is in North Carolina Roland good morning good morning are you doing richer I'm well how are you Sir listen now the favor wonderful wonderful and I'm glad to be talking to to riches there you go to for the price of one yes most definitely I had a two for one again even like me I love the show I'm a long time listener art bill George everybody since about ninety two so this one is tall quickly I'm a you have a lot of calls but you asked the question what would I do if I could travel in time I will go back to stop a lot of sense and they seemed like Gandhi and Martin Luther king Moscow may a lot Peter it's Salada you know a lot of assassinations that that took away a lot of good people good profits that we're here to do good works right right when you think about that that whole idea though Roland of the unintended consequences of doing something on the surface it seems like a good idea but then who knows we can't predict what what negative things might happen for example as tragic as as Martin Luther king junior's death was of be because he died it did that not do you think gave greater fuel to the whole civil rights movement as he was martyred yes it is a bit but in that it took it took away for it took away from the earth by one of the greatest it will what civil rights leaders of all time and that he'll he can never be replaced we have a lot of lot to try and I respect that but it's just like since certain says Martin Luther king would never had one that will go out and do the full work right right I mean even like Bernie Sanders was with him to Bernie Sanders was with him yes he was with him in Mississippi when when they are attacked by a bull Connor and his what do trying to cross a bit in the city right right already sent issues with them it was a lot of a lot of women and a lot of white civil rights leaders right okay so you would go back and and and protect at MLK how would you do that Roland let's play a little game of what if because as we were talking about earlier if you were to have gone up to him and you told him you know don't check in the Lorraine motel there's a gunman across the in the diner or in the bushes you know he's probably not gonna be receptive to that how do you how do you do that how do affect change by traveling to the past I maybe like you asked me like me as Roland I'm like I would I would protect him in a Jason Bourne fasten in a in a futuristic fast explain I will protect them by all means necessary and with with whatever I had to do to protect them all right okay fair enough which you did you want to weigh in before we move to the next caller high I think it's a it's a noble because to protect these great phone leaders like Gandhi and MLK and.

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