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Just this year got super the NBA to the point where we were watching like an NBA game per night or maybe two and Taking that away from US feels like a disaster like that was the time we were sharing and getting into together. And that's been put on hold outs ups absolutely I think the NBA more than any other leagues also really is the Voice of sort of social change. And you know all of those athletes individually so much better than you do with any of the other sports and for them to be sick and for it to be shut down and for it to feel like. They don't really have anything they can do. Right now almost hurts. More to yeah. Yeah yes in. I mean the crazy thing was that we all realize we all knew Rudy Gobert suck and then you saw with Mike von Your Life Thanking Kid for the dentist. The dentist Green Moment. He is who we thought you was around his ass. What a tough tough video to live on. Jr Smith has finally. I can be at peace. There is a stupider. Nba Player than took. His shirt off took his shirt off and said I can finally breathe so so. Let's let's talk about so there is no sports. Are you going back and watching? What I'm doing. It's going back and watching. Old University of Michigan Basketball Games from the nineteen eighty S. That is giving for it in some an Michigan football. That's giving me comfort in some way. Do you have a team beyond the cultures? Are you going to go back and watch old peyton Manning Colts Games and for sure GONNA go back and watch that Colts Patriots? Afc Championship Game. Where we come came back from like twenty eight down. I've already requested that day. One of the quarantine. My husband has not agreed yet and then I think we're probably going to go back and why I well he just. He doesn't care for colts at all. He doesn't care so it's Gonna I'M GONNA have to sell him on. That and I was at that game and I was so drunk so I really want to recreate the entire. You know I want to feel like I'm back in the Dome and then I think the cavs Warriors That down three one came back to win it. Block block you. You're so drunk at the colts game. They missed took you for the colts. Kicker Pat McAfee Jayantha McAfee. Mcafee is like the guy who got drunk ran away from the cops in dove into a river. I have a tough story about that too. I was with Patton McAfee that night. Please okay so tell us read them. I was performing at crackers in broad ripple rest in peace closed now in my dream and my entire life was to be performing stand up and then colts players. Are there like I was just like if coal plant? Cb stand up. I will wind up on the colts. So I'm doing I have. I don't know what's who's in the audience. Whatever at the end of the show. I realized that Payton's backup. Curtis painter was in the crowd and then along with these two other guys one of them was pat. Mcafee another guy was this guy who was like an all American in College Oklahoma. But then wasn't good in the NFL and so they waited for me and my two friends after the show. We're like do WANNA go drink with us and I'm like this is my moment is what I've been waiting for so we go to. This is how I get on the colts. Yeah I mean literally literally literally. This is how I get on couple of we go. We go to a around the corner and it was there by week. So this was the Tuesday of their upcoming Sunday. They had off so they are raging like it is like they had the line up like eighty different shots of Jamison and we're just giving them to people in the bar. And so God mega mega raising like it's spring break in Florida today. Which is yes. They are coughing on each other and then playing tug of war for no reason up shots. And what are you doing? I mean. I'm getting drunk at this. I was like a young woman. I'm like this is a thrill for me with a puncture. Oh my God and so. We got very very drunk. I had a boyfriend at the time and so I went into the bathroom to call him and he later was like you sounded incoherent. And then I remember who a car to go home and then I remember there being police lights and then the very next thing I remember I woke up in my parents dining room and I I had fifteen minutes halls. Five zero missed calls and like the very first heck's message I open said turn on the news and I'm like all wrong. This is this. Is this like your own? This is like your own personal hunter Momento. You have to figure out what happened. Yes yes and so I turn on the news. And the sin tightly slips along was like eleven am so like the local news was back on and it was the lead story. They were showing him being released from prison. One of the girls that I was with she had actually gone home with one of the guy one of the other players and she said they got a call and six. Am and they had to go down and bail him out so she was there when he failed out. But then my two friends and I were referred to as unidentified women on Z. Come on the way. That's probably you still use that as a credit when credit that's an incredible credit or identified men on TMZ. We are amazing amazing. I can't believe you a part of it. Did you know that he was going over the edge to like in literally and figuratively or? Were you dislike? I'm out of control myself now. The last photo I was I think at one point. We all took photos together. I had a photo on my phone from that night. And he was. Someone had tim so he was like down on his knees. Chugging smirnoff ice and that was kind of like the last moment that I that I have any recollection or that. I have any record of what was happening. How did you get to your parents dining? Did anyone ever explain that to you so I took a car and I do remember the cops speaking to the driver and I remember saying just take her home so so so cops were on the scene. I got the cops for taking care of you. Own A gun. I love it. The cops are like she's going to be too embarrassed to be found with the punter. Anyway get out of here. Yeah they probably were just like she doesn't look ahead. I can tell you pretty girl and his term make you a better colts fan. Can you say my colts fan of before and after that story? I think so. My Phantom before was pretty high and then I remember people telling me like you should sell that photo. You should call in and give your story. I would never I would never betray the horseshoe I would never in so I think my phantom probably like stayed the same but I was tested and I realized that I was more loyal pulse fan than I even understood did. That's unimpressed now. Here's my here's my thing and this is what we tell people who think that they're real fans of sports. I say you're not a true fan of sports unless your team losing on your particular day when it's football you only get one a week and you only get sixteen or seventeen or in college. You only get twelve so when your team loses in it ruins your next four or five days ruins it absolutely that deep your that because it gets to the. I remember so that this year the Colts. It was sort of like whatever happens as a positive. You know you're playing on house money just because luckily being so close so I did have highs and lows fully. I've invited people over for the chiefs colts Sunday night game and I kept being like I'm going to be chill. I'm going to be cool and then I was a full blown psychopath of all of my friends but if the colts news I'm I can't watch. Espn for the next. Like two days won't even turn the TV zone where the where the same early we got so we get so mad we get mad and we get so angry and it's like why did you do this to us. You're ruining our lives. Yeah absolutely alto all right so do you think we have an NFL season? Let me ask you that like obviously we can't look into a crystal ball but like do you think we'll have an NFL season this fall. You know I was talking to someone. Yesterday who works in sports end is a lot more connected and knows a lot more than I do and he was talking to me about river like he was talking about free agency and then offhandedly he was like look like a real season anyways so that makes me think maybe there will be but there won't be fans maybe they push it like. It is so crazy to think like in August in September like still won't be resolved but I guess it's less that and more well at some point as start and then training camp and if all of that can't happen because of the numbers and the close proximity that people have to be with each other than it's actually not safe enough for them to be playing football right. That's right. Yeah so you almost have. You must have to back time. Yeah Yeah you gotTa get to answer your question. I mean I almost hope that Like now that I'd hate teams quarterback. I'm like I'm fine if we missed the season but.

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