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Wa Sometimes they see things that's true. Absolutely. There should be a good game. Look, the Chargers. You know the charges records? Not good. What? It's two and six. Okay, But here are the point differentials in the Chargers six losses. You ready for this three points in overtime, five points, seven points. Three points in overtime again one point in five points. That's six losses by a combined 24 points and four of those six losses are two teams with winning records there in games. They just got to figure out how to close so this should be a good one that Yeah, I sort of lean, lean the 1.5 to do that The charges are getting Yeah. I mean, I think Miami very emotional win right Big road win last week. They're still young Florida They're doing a good job to coaching staff get more liquid in the world for having the guts to pull Fitzpatrick and he's a nice second man to come come around if they have any problems with the first guy if he gets hurt or something. But, man, I really like the charges in this spot, but I'm not gonna battle you think the Seahawks bounce back Mike, They're going on the road down to l. A to play the Rams. There are two point underdog Russell Wilson and his career as a dog 20 to 10 in three against the number one taking points. Yes, I think they found back. I went better, Don't it graded out slightly in favor of Seattle. Seattle on the road, getting only a point and a half that you tell you something right there. They're not getting three. They're not getting four. It's basically a picket with l A coming out of by two with an extra right, prepare, so I sort of like Seattle and dead spots. The ox normally bounced back. Don't think what we really a charge. They don't bounce back there much because they don't lose that, you know? Yeah. And then you got the Patriots who just do not look like a very good football team. They're about a 7.5 8 point underdog at home against the Ravens. They haven't been this big of an underdog at home. Like since 2001. That's probably not a surprise to people without dominant. They've been Throughout the dynasty, the last two decades game. I'm going to say Ravens. I'm going to say Ravens 28 to 21. Okay, That's 49, right. Yes. Okay. The over unders 43 a half year to 15th guy in the world that has had it going over 43. Is that right? Yep. If I had to do anything, If I think the old stopped and I'm taking the under, take the under. You're gonna go the other way. All right. I like it because you know what? I got the rule. Public for the most part, if it's over eight or nine in a row or something, just like Sunday night. Did you watch Sunday night's game with Tampa Bay? Yes, I turned. I don't watch much of the second half because it was over the pregame show. You know the guys Chris Simms, all those donkey. Every guy took Tampa. Every single guy took Tampa the other way, Right? Always. That's all When it's that, man. He's always like 67 guys. Oh, I'm gonna that guy floors were gonna go with you to Tony. Every guy I liked what you just said, Billy, you know, forget about it. Notre Dame thrilled us last week, the Notre Dame Clemson game was great. I still can't say the kid's name. I almost had a heart attack in that game. I mean, what a game it was Mike and I kind of hinted towards that last week about Notre Dame. Yes, you did. Mike did. That's right. I said. I said, Take Notre Dame, but I almost had three coronaries in the game. It was just and this kid showed me bookshelves. Me something he did. I mean, that last drive the tie. It was great. The other kid. I didn't watch the first week. The other kids great when he stepped in against Boston College. I didn't see any of that game. So it's really the first time I saw her 435 yard touchdown. That arm is something man like that kids. I mean, he really wait. George being gone was not the reason No, I saw him wiggle them What they stood for. You got a good defense. I know Ellen was Wait. That was a fun game. Now we weigh hinted at this before. Like the last time Notre Dame had a win like that, against the top ranked opponent was, of course, the famous game. Some called the game of the century 1993 the upset of number one Florida state when they were number two, the next week at home they lost on a late field goal. The Boston College. Wouldn't you know it? They played Boston College this week. They're a big favorite. They've had trouble covering these big numbers. But I'll tell you what. Brian Kelly is six and no against BC as head coach of the Irish and these have been lopsided affairs by and large Mike. Only two of the six games have been decided by one score. Nd outgained Boston College by like 300 Yards in a lopsided game last year. I really like Notre Dame again, do you Think First of all, Doug Flutie. A walking through that door, Okay. In fact, none of those others not Ryan, any of those guys? Any Boston college guys are Tom Coughlin a while? I'm confident, right? Right. That's not gonna happen. In this type of situation we're covered could strike at any moment. I looked at the spread the Notre Dame fighting Irish. Let me see if I got this right on the road. Are. Are they underworld contacts there just until you start giving Boston College on the road. You're 13.5. This is my picked it I also gave because of your clothes, Brother. Okay, who was a Notre Dame and I know you're with Eastern Illinois. But I have the all your cool weekend to your football with Green Bay and which Jacksonville and, of course, Notre Dame. Uh, in the 13.5. I'm good. I fire on these games, folks. I'm gonna fire unknown. There you go. We'll give you are the best plays when we come back. I was one of Mike's about bonus plays earlier today with your commie. We'll give you our best place. Plus, Jimmy Miller. Jimmy got some ponies at Hawthorne for you when we return. 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