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You should tell the secret so my solution to this was to tell them that we were never going to tell their dead about this trip and i really emphasize that he could never know sousa boys and i left we fully expected to see our shopping guide when we got to the art market in honestly i wouldn't have attempted the outing otherwise but he was nowhere in sight i had no way of contacting him so this was not something i could plan and my first reaction was to turn around and head back to the apartment but i have myself i could do this and the boys were my motivation after all the vendors had always been very kind to use whatever english that they knew to help us with our purchases we were only looking for a statue a rooster how hard could that be so the art market is outdoors and it's organized in long rows of openair stalls i brace myself and i approached a likely vendor and i saw that he had a chart of all the animals of the chinese years and suddenly i felt very confident i would point at a rooster and then i was show with my hands that i wanted a statue of a rooster and not a picture and i did this fully aware that my boys were witnessing my incredibly com approach at bridging this communication gap and the vendor watched me and the next thing i heard was no kok for you.

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