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Global warming impacts and they point out but before schwarzenegger files his court case against the oil companies he may have to prepare to appear as a defendant in his own case as we have said by his definition if that's murder than he's committed murder and they go through an excerpt from the the book the politically incorrect guide to climate change and talk about how the environmentalists would after arnold and said walk the walk you're claiming they're doing damage you're taking your plane daily to work his fellow environmentalists were distressed by his his policy environmental activists dennis hayes told the newspaper if you're going to be talking about an issue you better be living the reality you are trying to embrace and undaunted schwarzenegger did not let this stop him from touting quote air drying your clothes end of quote to fight global warming those are the kind of things anything can do did you know that air drying your clothes for six months save seven hundred pounds of carbon dioxide the renault reports schwarzenegger's floating hanging in the wind at the governor's mansion in sacramento yeah i guess the question by his own definition by definition what a murderer is should he be defendant against a murder charge himself sports central on demand don't miss another.

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