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I'm Quinn Klinefelter in Detroit today marks fifty years since human beings first visited the moon impairs Jeff Brumfield looks back at the Apollo eleven mission astronauts Neil Armstrong and buzz Aldrin road in their tiny lunar module down to the moon's surface quality very fair the eagle has landed calling Grand quality we copy on the ground you got a bunch of guys about to turn blue will break that again thanks a lot hours later was Armstrong who climb down pause are back at the border the latter in stepped on to the moon at one all I'm showing an older and spend twenty one hours and thirty six minutes on the moon's surface then they left for home Jeff from feel NPR news vice president pence is to visit Kennedy Space Center today and deliver remarks on the Apollo program and NASA is next moon mission earlier this year the administration called on the space agency once again soon as is and as transfer the move by twenty twenty four this is NPR and this is WNYC in New York I'm David first subway service was restored last night after a network and we did set led to nearly all of the number trains being stopped in their tracks the trouble spilled over to other lines as commuters trying to find alternate routes home last night twenty six year old student at law student Blair a camp it can't skews me Blair Campani was taking the B. train from midtown Manhattan to her home in Harlem when the system melted down she says the train was more crowded than she's ever seen everyone is just sweating couldn't move stepping on each other and at that point they announce that all the numbered lines were down and that our train was running across skews me that was Blair Campion officials say in network communications issue was responsible for the failure New York City officials are warning residents to stay cool this weekend and not even go outside drive or take the subway unless it's really necessary temperatures are expected to hit the upper nineties both today and tomorrow Meredith Lazio says that's not counting the humidity it's going to feel like over a hundred and ten degrees it's pretty shocking to the body our fear is that people will be put a really compromise situation and we could lose something we don't want that to happen over five hundred cooling centers will be open throughout the weekend and if you're not you're one of them and don't have air conditioning at.

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