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That was the lawsuit on behalf of the estate of nicole brown simpson any state of ronald goldman uh and they returned to verdict in santa monica that mr simpson was liable for the death of nicole brown simpson and ronald goldman and they ended the jury decided there was clear and convincing evidence that he should have to pay damages of thirty three million the dollar is twenty five million dollars of which was for punitive damages so punitive damages awarded with a jury finds that the defendant has engaged in conduct that is shocking to the conscience to the community but under nevada law gives jury verdict in judgment the court couldn't be considered in one of the commissioners that that and so i think the law should be changed in nevada conclude such as civil judgment in a wrongful death case if punitive damages damages to punish are awarded because that kind of judgment is a strong statement by jury acting as the conscience that the community yeah and so i've already been in touch with a legislator in davao day and you will be hearing more about that soon good because i think the risk of harm to the community if the new inmates released should always be a factor that a parole board can consider and if a parole board had been able to consider the full legal record of district sympton they might have found that releasing him could present a risk of harm to the community but instead they were forced to consider legal fiction and only part of the record that's unfortunate and are harmful to victims rights and i think to the safety of the community will i was really shocked when he answered the questions it was saying that he felt like he had lived the conflict free life i'm glad you're picked up on that because that's really important first of all it did not appear that mr simpson was under oath so he was being ask questions he said whatever he wanted to say much of.

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