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College football hall of famer fresh off of week wind. It is the one and only tony casillas. What i'm doing great. Rj has your morning. It's been good. It's been good nice to kind of fall into the normal ron. The normal rhythm of an nfl. We you know what i mean like the way my life is generally structured. Is you know you do certain things on mondays do certain things on tuesdays and wednesdays and thursdays and fridays last week was a little bit condensed with the game being on thursday. So it's nice to kind of get back into the routine that i've normally known for a long time. What about utah on the weekend. I was Remind me at christmas christmas in september. If you're a football fan especially the national football league and a some of the gains and we're able to watch even the one last night. I couldn't cap off better weekend opening weekend in the national football league this love it tremendous tremendous weekend bid times. Yeah i mean so. I i will tell you. A little pet peeve of mine and you're probably going to think it's lane so a lot of people referred to the cowboys game last week as thursday night football because it happened on thursday. That's actually not thursday night football. You know what. I mean thursday night. Football is its own production. You know what i'm saying. It's its own broadcast. And i blame the nfl for this. But last thursday was technically sunday night. Football on a thursday. 'cause it's al michaels it's chris cons worth it's michelle foyer it's on nbc etc. The first actual thursday night football game. Tony is this thursday between the washington. Football team in the new york giants. By the way for everyone who cares we will be doing a live. Watch along On the block of the boys youtube channel during that game to discuss the nfc east. but yeah. that's that's what keeps me up at night. Tony s people calling football. You know i. I gotta disagree with you thursday night. Football my book than most people start united's getting the nfl season. But i'll give you the technicality of it if you want to go with that not that game with regard regardless you got football for the next twenty-something weeks until february so i think everyone is is good with that but you b that whether it's a thursday or monday or tuesday whatever blah blah the sunday night game the actual sunday night game sucked between the rams and the bears although the we were talking before you started working the rams are good but the monday nagging are coming off of was incredible With the raiders. Doing everything they could to lose it there at the end but Great to have football back. And everybody's talking about everybody in the league tony Every tuesday blocking the boys dot com. I write power rankings and obviously not the only person in the world who writes power rankings on tuesdays but We've collected where a lot of different outlets around the internet. View the cowboys. And we're gonna talk about it and you're going to tell us whether they're right or they're wrong you're gonna make fun of people or praised him. I have no problem doing that. That's for sure so. Who do you want to start with the outlets. That we have survey tony We have my own personal power. Rankings that i write a blog on the bus dot com we have. Nfl dot com. We have espn's we have usa. Today's yahoos cbs. Sports is sports illustrated's and sporting news list savior for. I don't know we can review years now. Let's start with yours to the rest of the so. Last week i had the cowboys at thirteenth entering the season. And you know some people said that was too high. People say that was too low. I mean you know how this goes Whatever i had the cowboys it is hard to climb in power. Rankings after you lose. But i think the cowboys even though they lost last week where more impressive than a lot of teams that want and i think that i believe in them more very quickly I have the cowboys at twelve. These are the teams. I have in front of the cowboys. In order so from one through eleven The bucks the chiefs the rams at three saints at four chargers at five cowboys opponent this week cardinals at six after that big win seahawk seven forty niners eight. The pittsburgh steelers at nine. Although i don't feel super confident in that the browns at ten mandate so close on sunday and the raiders. After their win last night. I have them at eleven just for perspective at thirteen. I have the buffalo bills. I really were so disappointed in buffalo on sunday afternoon. Drop in that game to pittsburgh. I'm not surprised. I make it the whole thing. The pittsburgh is a quarterback big band Tj got that money and and rightly so a lotta great place but you gotta remember. It's the first game this season so it's going to be judgmental on who we think is going to be trending and i think buffalo before the season style. A lot of people thought maybe this attain that still. It's early one game decade by for the super bowl. But i'm not surprised. Pittsburgh does considering they have a tremendous coach. Always good on defense and that was kind of a that was kind of a weird game in its own right when games so i don't hundred problem with that because is a mentioned Those those games are always going to go down to the wire because just the that you know that being in the afc. Am i too high on dallas. So for for i've got them twelve. 'cause i agree with you. Buffalo is disappointing. I i'm hopeful that dub aspect which i liked the bills. But you've got some hardware in your life so i'm sure you liked the bills to But i've got. I'm actually the highest. No i'm not the highest on dallas. We'll get to the highest moment. Espn is the closest to me. They have the cowboys at thirteenth again. It's hard to be high after losing the first game of the season but there's a lot of positive vibes around the cowboys even though they lost last week. Well and you look at the one. The teams are loss. And i'd really likely thanks. Lieven has a lot going for that with candidacy having a mason quarterback and just they found a way to win. Who else is in that. Because if we talk about the best teams that lost cleveland's in that makes thousands in that mix. I think some people would put green bay in that makes even though they got lambasted other than that. I don't know anyone that law maybe buffalo if you believe in them bouncing back but after that there aren't a lot of maybe the ravens to i suppose but so you're talking there's like five teams ish of the sixteen that lost because some teams one that you know like you can't just say every team that one is better than everything that loss like the. The bengals won the dolphins one. You know. The ibn the raiders want. None of those teams are better than the cowboys. You know what. I mean At least in my mind. I don't know if anyone else thinks that they are but so yeah i mean it's it's hard to kind of totally way things after just one week but i do think the dallas is in the mix the best teams that did lose last week. Oh yeah i think you have to look at it that way A lot of teams and you want to start with the season off with a win. Especially if you're on the road and especially at the match teams at all. These things play..

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