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Y'All have all been motherfucking waiting for God. Damn here we go now. If you live on a planet where you have somehow never heard of only fans somehow. I hope you have because they post. If you haven't I do want to say I've always called it a porn marketplace. That's how I feel like only fans works however I've seen it been called a social media platform and I found one of the best ways to describe it that I like is Patriot for porn. I I really like only only fans be described that way it also has a great interface Like I said I'm a user as well. I'm a subscriber. I just follow black girls but anyway so basically only fans. I really wanted us to talk about. I know even one have been nasty. Come on for a long time but it feels like it's so much more important today specifically because everybody has been figuring out. How do we make money at home? And I think it only would do US justice to learn from one of the greats. I mean even before covy top Creator I WANNA thank. You are the top. Nobody don't either bids. I'm sure there's some white hulls out there like five more subscribers about you which we talked about it but I I wanted to drop a few stats that I found interesting. So they've seen a seventy five cent increase in user since Cova and there was a fifteen percent spike in traffic beyond say dropped it on that new single and I did want to bring up to people. I'm sorry three people that are using it. Celebrities one black China charging fifty dollars a month. All I know she has foot videos on there right now. She also charges nine hundred fifty dollars for personal phone calls. If you would like to say Hello Wow. I Guess Erica and safari have one. He claims he is in the top one percent as well of only fan creators making a hundred and twelve K in just two weeks. He sent that to Kaya when Kyra was talking shit about them. I don't know if you all saw that clip. Didn't they have a baby when they do? He's charges twenty dollars ninety nine cents a month where air committed charges. Twenty nine ninety nine. I feel like our instagram's and only fans but hey if you're also before we go. He's he's a friend of mine and I WANNA actually talk about him because he's at all of the jokes. Casanova is another celebrity who has also joined only fans and he's charging fifty dollars a month but there has been speculation that he is Dick Fishing and using other different on his face. I want I don't give a fuck. I wanted to bring that up because I think it's important to know people are creating these pages and they are using other people's content. I think that's just as important as the people making it and actually putting themselves on there but also knowing that people are on their not having sex Out Stephanie Santiago. Her only fans. She decided to post what she was. She felt like she could make money off. She was posting videos and lingerie dancing around smoking weed and putting it on instagram. Where she wasn't making money and so she's not fucking on her instagram either and she making bank she making bank so we wanted to start. This conversation off with who I think is one of the only fantasy bitch your face needs to be on the only fans logo part of black twitter. Early Business Nasty be. I've been on calls talking about you. Without Noble Shit was on a production call with a network. They're like yeah. We're just trying to cover a different sex marketplace's I'm like. Well I know somebody. I don't know I hate you. I really think you are but we really look at. You is like the staple for that and I think what makes it even cooler. If you guys don't know you were in the navy you're a single mom your black your independence shit. How do you start in only fans because I feel like when people hear about women do important? It's like Oh my God you did nothing with your life. Well it seems like you did still chose thanks so so how. How did you get here? Could you go with us because you actually have a really interesting story and I wanna I wanna let it be uninterrupted? Because you've tweeted about it. I've heard you talk about your relationship with your act and how it leads you to only fans yes. So could you share that? Listen Alley my ex. He was very sexual being in. I was not and he always said that it was okay however it was not okay because he couldn't keep his dictator himself so finally after a scout of catching cheating he had not been cheating for a while. And I had found out he was actually going onto chem soda Introduce me to something else mine-free camps and okay. I don't anyways. I've found spending money with them so at first I was a pick me and yes many. I'm talking about like it's on. It's on the credit card is on the bank. Statement is right there so now before we start last week. I don't know if you've listened. Our whole mail was actually if watching Cam. Girls was considered cheating. Did you consider that he was cheating on you because he was paying these? Campbell's I did in the beginning I did. I did but I have to be fair. I was a pick me though. Like okay in what way he probably like. He didn't this personality that everybody sees on social media. He didn't find it charming. He didn't think it was attractive. He referred me to be only in Hills Prim and proper. You know sexy all times and that's not me. Obviously so he didn't like my personality he was always constantly changing me. And telling me like. Oh by twenty nine. You'RE GONNA be you're going to be perfect. Shot to him. He was right. I am perfect now and I am twenty nine imperfect so but Basically I caught him with the CAM. Spend money if felt like cheating so I was just like he just never stopped. He's just gonNa keep any ways to just disrespect me so in. He looked like big booty. Girls a just nasty girls I was like I am. Not that like what? Are you taking out your Buddha Hall? Put in your mouth. Yo Bitch in like no yes that is discussing you know stuff respect like and then next thing. I know I'm signing up to do because I have listening looking adages then under the chief and so did you send him those videos. Oh No I WANNA I want to go into because you're no longer with no person. So so what was his reaction when you started when you got onto only fans or whatever yeah. I know you're so I signed up and like I told I'm one of those open people so like I called like my best friends parents like. Hey everybody look I'm going to be a CAM MODEL. So nobody was surprised. Because I've been talking about playboy and being a stripper forever but I cannot dance and I had no titties here and My my momma stepfather were just like you know. Don't be ashy cleanup you background. You know take where to stuff in you know. They were giving me tips. And I'm like look I'm writing down. Let's go so signed up. While did the W nine for Cam. Soda started off Jamming I. I was camping anonymously for six months and Finally when I logged on I had personal pitchers fell. You know bold and everything. I knew he was on. We were sleeping in separate rooms. You're fighting about something and I had been on and finally I seem like his name coming on the room and it was like. Are You fucking serious? I what the fuck is this and next thing? I knew he was in the other room. And we was fucking on live cam and we made a whole bunch of money a whole bunch six thousand in one night. I hike and live on Cam Soda. Wow and did you have a large social media? Following at the time out six thousand twitter followers a thousand instagram followers. Maybe four thousand dollars. What's not a? That's not a lot at all. I think that thing that deters people a lot is their social media presence. Everybody thinks I'm not a celebrity. Not popping like that on I. G. Like I'M NOT GONNA make it but I do WanNa know you are someone who's successful at this so obviously you've put some time into it. What is Your Work Day like? How many hours a week do you work? How many days of the week like that? Like to tell us about your work day. In the beginning I will get all done up first thing in the morning and shoot all day but that's just the content. It would be great. I guess because they liked it but it just wasn't as exciting as what I'm doing now. I just if I wake up and you know I'm GonNa make a video today now. It's just like going video aside. Don't make it in my room and you. I feel like we're makeup like non and feel like wearing makeup today so we just a natural it out basically. I'm just masturbating on camera of until I feel like I've come enough. Why do you think you're so popular though? Why what is it about you? I looked like Keri Hilson. That's.

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