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So we did a mini or prone on on the record equipped one. Yeah. Oh, yeah. That second side. And then and then we then we started work on told me which went on for about free months in the studio piecing together an addict came in time when as you know, miracle was individual home war youngsters in conscripted album. Just spiritually seemed to speak to them. Who's deaf dumb and blind? Not say, no, right. And it also came out of your childhoods to and in the war. Yeah. So. It. Just resonated them works and. Woodstock. People kind of went well. Grew and grew and grew the tough spot. It would spark stock to write anybody out of tough spoil the stars Woodstock the audience. Yeah. Like five in the morning or five in the morning. We went on. But some of them went on author who that I mean, they had it was don't you worry about that throw ABBIE? Hoffman off the stage to I didn't compete. Wonderful. Wonderful wonderful good. I'll. Yeah. Anyone else? Okay. Trapeze love of Brooklyn. We're having Abby got onto give a little speed giving a speech about Joan Sinclair seavy vibrate. Because he was Gile. Right. You know, but the trouble is you own our stage right in front of pate. Yeah. You know, we were British. Yeah. Fuck oh. That was the end of that shape. Each light. So in so that's where they blew up and everything changed and how many years after the the album. Did you make the movie? The movie didn't come to nineteen. We made the movie in seventy four came out in non anciently five. Yeah. Why? So that was it was the movie of Woodstock really put us on the map. Yeah. Right. The who which is really amazing. Brag. Really? And then who's next? I was another huge record. Yeah. Guy in the head of its time. Yeah. Didn't let number one. You know? No, no, no, people can get funding was what he's. Won't get fooled. I mean, that's huge. Yeah. We found out later. The RA who company who may nameless. But you can look it up. They were bootlegging out. They were bootlegging us out the back door. No shoot being bootlegged boy around Rick only now one that we didn't might number one impossible. I that's crazy. Yeah. To lots of it. Did that was just the business dirty basis ship business? Yeah. But he's arrived. You did. All right. Listen. I'm still here. Okay. Yeah. Yeah. Gone for a very difficult period of rioting kind of. I I kind of tremors of middle aged anx creek creeping onto out we doing this and good to over a really. We will. I you. That's was so such genius about towns in he had the -bility to run about. What's going on him so deep down? But then he just threw a lot of songs at me said, I don't know if any of this is any good. Here's a loaded assumes you choose ones. Go on the Elbe, and he was totally surprised chose. Oh, yeah. Chose in some ways the most vulnerable ones wonderful songs that give you a hint of the mid laugh crushes. At thirty three. What would we not only seventy five? So Pete would have been. Pete would have been thirty so named to hit thirty three. So that's what I found so intriguing about Soanes child who's them? Yeah. And he would he's always said he said, I was I was shocked. What road you Charles? Yeah. You know? Blue red and gray right, which are just loved. Pete are done the way he would do it now. But I used to say in please Pete play blue written ground groundstaff. It's wonderful while you senior is wonderful. And he's. Fucking stupi plan them. I do. I shall a love it. Well, that's nice that their relationship was that they told you to pick him you picked him in any let you do it. Yeah. So that was that Elba. And then, you know. It was a very tricky time now career because he worked so hard on the tell me on the movie and the soundtrack Andy Noma night for an Oscar for the soundtrack. Was that the first that was the first time you acted to the first two unin coach had a bit of a break. And then when we came back to it, we did it to ninety seventy six we've turned out to be the lawsuit we'd ever do with Caithfear. And if. Costa the was bigger than ever? Yeah. Yeah. And then like, and then once you us Keith..

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