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To you this morning by the all new in on water street and it's to premiere theaters the riverbank and the snug theater once again from the shores of the saint clair river here's frank beckmann and dick haefner as we watch the clouds begin together or the saint clair river we note that the weather service has issued a special weather statement for strong and gusty southwest winds this afternoon into the evening deepening low pressure system racing across lake huron and the georgian bay will bring some shower and thunderstorm activity but we're gonna see wind gusts of up to seventy to eighty kilometers which is roughly forty nine point seven miles per hour as as it comes through the detroit area it's gonna be wayne oakland here in saint clair county as well so b be aware because there could be trees going down buildings damaged and the like very nasty i'll tell you what this is so neat up here you got to come up to marine city you will not believe what what is happening no i marine said he has such a wonderful location and it's great to see that people figured out better ways to use it and make it more attractive because it's so pretty so just got a little gift pack that chris brought over after his trip to the cigar store down the street this could be here and have a cigar outside on the porch we're doing this show i gotta tell you but there's a there's a store coughlan jewelers right here at the hotel being on water street dick and they sell chocolates chocolates from the candy store down the street a sweet tooth the sweet dude yeah and so i i'm not going bite into it right now because i'm still savoring the taste of the of the cheesecake from last night with the chocolate and fresh fruit audit dick i just want you know fresh fruit juice that's healthy you betcha while we're now joined by the co owner of the the in kitchen kristin bain who is here with us great to see you again thank you for the last night that was just marvelous just a water taxi ride away which is for future show well then you have the water taxi.

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