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Indeed dot com I'm Jim Taylor the flag flap White House flying. The American flag at full staff earlier today veterans seeing it as a disc to Senator, John McCain and after an American Legion outbursts the flag came back down to half staff. On the, floor, of the US Senate today Georgia Senator, Johnny Isakson taking. The, president to task for? Holding a grudge against John McCain anybody who anyway Tarnishes the reputation of John McCain. Deserves a, weapon Because most of the ones who would do the wrong thing about John McCain didn't have the guts do the right thing was, there turn this is. A week of memorial observation remembering Senator John, McCain the, official schedule. Was announced by John McCain's, longtime adviser Rick Davis it will begin on Wednesday McCain's body will lie in state. At the Zona capital will be on John's eighty second birthday only John McCain could, rig a big birthday celebration like this. On Thursday a memorial service will take place here then the body will be flown to Washington where on Friday. It will lie in state in the capitol rotunda then there will be a final memorial service featuring Barack Obama and George W Bush. John McCain, will be laid to rest on Sunday Steve Futterman, CBS news Phoenix surprise. Announcement from President Trump today a new trade deal he says to replace NAFTA something that I think we'll be talking about for. Many years to come just, good for both countries. As far as Canada's concerned we haven't star With Kennedy yet we wanted to do Mexico but Washington Post senior congressional correspondent Paul came says. Not so fast trade deals like this need congressional approval rating, election season up here. And they're just trying to get through some of the most basic things for the next couple of months and then who knows. Who's going to control the, majority next year A, whole. Host of issues, unknowns that would have to be answered. Before we get to a congressional approval he barely spoke to fellow gamers, that's us in the deadly shooting at a Florida video game tournament suspect clearly targeted other gamers. The suspect of Walt, asked patrons who were in other parts of the business and focused his. Attention all the gamers Jacksonville sheriff Mike Williams, says the suspect was armed with, two guns only used one of them killing wounding ten before fatally. Shooting himself owner the, Texas based company that's been trying to post plans for making untraceable. Three d. guns online got a setback. Today federal judge blocking the, Trump administration from allowing it to. Do just that, but Cody Wilson director of defense distributed says this is a nation of laws and, you have to have a law actually stopped me from publishing they don't have one the Dow today gains. Two hundred and fifty nine points record high this is CBS news Are, you hiring with indeed you can post a job in minutes set. Up screener questions than, zero in unqualified candidates in an online dashboard get started at indeed. Dot com slash higher.

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