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Biohacking conference dot com. We'll have started Before i actually even got into my internship that my wife and i could not get pregnant. And i called the seven most famous holistic doctors that i've ever heard of at that point. This was nineteen seventy nine. And i was able to reach all of them and i asked them. What do you do for infertility. They would say you know what a category one is. i'd say no and they say learn. Okay okay private down. And i wrote down The nodes talking these seven doctors. And i put a program together. We were pregnant in six weeks when you go to the doctor with symptoms irrespective of what they are. It's kind of like you fall over a waterfall into the pond below. You know and you swim up to the surface and you spit out the water. You're trying to stay afloat in the pond of recurrent miscarriages or in the pond of chronic fatigue. Whatever the pond is at. You're stuck in your trying to stay afloat. And everyone's looking for a life jacket to stay afloat in the pond of their symptoms. And that's important but once you've got a life jacket on and you're okay you're stable. At the moment. You have to swim over to the side of the pond. Get out of the water. Walk up the hill go back upstream to figure out what the heck fell in the river that eventually took you downstream and falling over the waterfall. That's medicine is what is it. That's going on way back there that that has triggered or is fueling whatever the symptoms are that you have going on right now. Talk about What was going with immunity unim- unity on the rise as well. You know it. It's on the rise in the last thirty to forty years and most people and even doctors don't put together is that we think the number one cause of getting sick and dying morbidity mortality is cardiovascular disease. Well every doctor knows or should remember from their studies that cardiovascular disease the plugging up of your pipes. Atherosclerosis is immune driven. It's an auto immune mechanism so this topic of auto. Immunity really becomes a primary concern for all of us but we never looked at it that way so once. We understand that. This is prevalent in almost all of us that it's an auto immune mechanism meaning your immune system attacking your own tissue. Whether it's your blood vessels or components in your blood vessels that vat fatty members of the blood vessels or your brain or your joints or whatever it is when your immune system is attacking your own tissue. That goes on for years. It's called the spectrum of auto immunity. It goes on for years before you ever have a symptom. You have an entire new body. Every seven years some cells reproduce really quickly like the inside lining of your gut every three to five days depending on what steadier read than some cells are really slow like your bone cells but every seven.

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