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You know our parents should die of old age they shouldn't have to succumb to corona virus because somebody doesn't want to wear a mask or because somebody's not doesn't want to follow protocol during a crisis at today's coronavirus task force briefing doctor found cheap to what he called societal responsibility saying that what is happening in hot spots now can affect other parts of the country including states that brought their numbers down north sorry many ballpark as thank you we're gonna turn now to the other hot spot of Houston where hospitals are running out of space the city is considering using a stadium complex as overflow but there is positive news out of that city one I see you she says lessons from early on in a pandemic have helped them learn how to treat these patients Janet Yellen is outside a busy hospital in Houston good evening Janet your taxes is shutting back down the governor today closing bars across the state at noon and reducing restaurant capacity to fifty percent this state was among the first to reopen opening the door to an unrelenting search as night here in Houston they're locking down even further level one red alert issued for the Houston area today judge Lina Hidalgo telling the region's five million residents stay home today we find ourselves careening toward a catastrophic and unsustainable situation the advisory calls for no gatherings of more than one hundred people as hospitals in the Texas Medical Center now reports intensive care unit one hundred percent full the state reported more than fifty one hundred cove and patients are currently hospitalized another record high for the fifteenth consecutive day we currently are running three covert ice using we're standing up today for covert ICU and probably early next week the fifth probably by the end of next week at six so this is.

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