Shinzo Abe, Australia, President Trump discussed on 24 Hour News


Hopkins died of heart failure june third and bangkok his longtime residents he was an early contributor to rolling stone magazine who developed a special affinity for jim morrison and the doors no one here gets out alive written by hopkins and danny sugarman was published in nineteen eighty and it was the basis for stones movie the doors the movie came out in nineteen ninetyone and start val kilmer as morrison jerry hopkins was eighty to a complete denuclearization commitment by north korea's kim jong hoon during his historic summit with president trump has brought in a wave of reaction from asia and beyond australian foreign minister julie bishop says australia things the deal looks good but there's more to be done this is the first positive development we've seen involving north korea in either a decade we are cautiously optimistic but of course the tests will be verification of the denuclearization during an interview with the australian broadcasting corporation bishop also said the world's watching to see what happens next as president trump has said compete complete denuclearisation means the complete verifiable irreversible dismantlement of north korea's nuclear weapons program and that will thereby remove a real risk to a region and the world but we will have to see the concrete genuine steps at north korea takes iran's told kim trump shouldn't be trusted because he could notify any nuclear deal with north korea just as he had pulled out of the landmark twenty fifteen nuclear deal japanese prime minister shinzo abe's welcomed kim's written commitment to complete denuclearisation while china has said it may be time to discuss lifting sanctions on north korea.

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