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But shouldn't game changing series turning to run home runs be a get on my back and follow me moment. And twice the Dodgers have recovered, have gotten those home runs and been like, let's lose. Like, it's just weird. It is weird. And look, we'll keep talking about the Red Sox. Complementing the Red Sox, the Red Sox have say what you want. Traded Mookie betts great. Guess what? They went out and they got guys who had chips on their shoulders and had personalities that that really put them over the edge and allowed them to perform in these big game situations. KK Hernandez, why did he leave the Dodgers? He wanted more playing time. He wanted a starting role. He was ready to start playing Morgan. And it was hard for the daughters to incorporate into him into their plan because of the depth that they had. And the Red Sox were like, great. We'll take a chance on a guy who wants to play who wants to know him from team PR. And then you look at you look at a guy. I know Chris sale obviously is was acquired a long time ago, but, you know, that's an ace that that's a great personality to have at the top of your rotation who's yelling who I know it's annoying to me. I hate it. But he clearly moves the needle for that team in that motivation regard. You look at Alex Quora, very outspoken guy, supports his players also, is it afraid to be honest in candid? He's the opposite of Aaron Boone. I know, I know we're mostly talking about players right now, but that also that also goes hand in hand with influencing the culture and whatnot. So I think I do think it's valid and I think the big problem a big problem with the Yankees is they're just looking at numbers. Great. Who hits home runs? Who gets on base? Who has a high spin rate? Okay, bring them in, cool. And then you have a roster of robots. I love Aaron judge, but like, Aaron judge, you didn't start saying like cool stuff until like the final week of the season. And it's like, okay, where was this when we were 41 and 41.

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