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Not to do what I end up it's like one of my favorites. Yeah, and if you play guitar, it's one of the first songs to tell everyone that you're not smart. You just blew it. I wasn't supposed to mention that behind the scenes information. Yes. That should have stayed behind the scenes. I don't think it's a big secret. It actually was in this last book. He apparently didn't get writing credits for that. For the house of the rising sun. And so he never made any royalties off of it. Every band in the world has played it. I won't ask him about that. That's too bad. But I will ask him about his animals and why he's calling us because I'm curious about that right now. Also on the show today, we're going to have Alan cook back the inventor of the brilliant pad who was on Shark Tank last week. Did you see that? I did. He did get funded. I'll tell you that right now. I believe Lori grenier gave him a half $1 million. So he'll be on he'll tell us his experience on Shark Tank. Lori, what are you working on over in the newsroom? Well, since you're talking about Alan and dogs doing their duty on what do they call you? It's called a brilliant pad. It's like an automatic pad. Yeah. Very cool. I hear you can roll those up like a sausage, pass them around and smoke them. You're not sure if that's true though. You don't want to do that. But I have a story for you where there's also maybe another option for dogs going potty. As in, yeah, something similar to what cats use. Oh, litters, which is something I think, you know, my dog. I should have trained my dog to use a cat litter because I hear more and more people are using them. But we're going to find out the details in just a few minutes with Laurie Brooks. First, it's all about you. And we go to Joanne. Hey, Joanne, how are you doing? Oh, hey, I'm doing fine. Sorry to keep you on hold for so long. Phones are going to burn in white hot over here, but you're up. What's going on? Well, you know, we've got a great hat. And we're trying to train her on a leash and we're wondering if we have any tips that you can share with us. Okay, sure. Well, I gotta commend you. For some kitties, that's a big undertaking for others, especially those that are really food motivated. You know, it's not all that difficult. So tell me about your kitty is particular breed. She is. How does she normally respond if you ask her to do things for you or you try to make her do something? She already comes, she only gets treats, I've had cats before. And I've always had them come by rattling a can with free Senate, and that's you only get to treat she comes to the can. She food motivated, I suppose. She's a long hair and she's all black, never had a pretty cat like that. And she loves to go outside and outside inside cats. She's timid. She's a scaredy cat. Security cat in what way? Noises. I was just afraid of the cars and it sucks. She's afraid of dogs. You know, she'll hide hunger and run in. All of those things that you're saying Joan are going to kind of play into whether or not she's going to be a good candidate to do this. And if we're going to expect her to really take to it and enjoy it. Now, for a kitty, that's fearful of sounds, cars, dogs. I'll have to say for lease training for outside, that may not be the most enjoyable experience for her. And you really have to kind of look at what she wants to do. And if she doesn't want to do it, it's going to be harder to convince her to do that. So if it's something like walking around the backyard, if you've got a nice long property, something like that, this might be a reasonable thing to try to see how she does. Without all those distractions and all those other things that can kind of freak her out. But yes, you can definitely work towards training or the first step with kitties. If you do want to lease straighten them, is to really get them accustomed to the fit of a harness. And that's the most important thing. You can use a collar, however, for cats since they can sneak out, get frightened and slip the collar. I really think the only way you should do this is to do it with a body harness. So you want to make sure you get her well fit. So if you're not comfortable with that, someone had a pet store just to kind of help you with that so that she can't get her little arm out or slide out. I did buy her and harness was among kodiak island and you really don't have a pet.

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