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Or at all in that circumstance yeah i watched the video and the the fact is that the the pedestrian is walking her bike across a divided street two lanes going in each direction basically and she's in a shadowed area and only at the very last second when the headlights aluminum as she is into the lane the car is in does that happen and also a little baffled by the fact that there is a darkened street in arizona with a car coming down at and somebody's crossing the street and not she apparently didn't see the car coming which i also don't really understand because seems like a judgement like a whole bunch of combination so it's sort of the perfect beds first off the reason this is happening in tempe arizona has some very permissive laws about self driving cars so there's a lot of action going on zona but also the way that the planning works my mother lives outside phoenix so i've seen some of this this particular intersection there the one hundred like less than one hundred yards away or maybe it was a hundred feet away it's not too far away there's a traffic light crosswalk intersection that pedestrian could've used chose not to at the same time apparently the city of timpee has built these pathways across the middle of this divided road four people who cut across it to make it easier while there are signs saying don't do it so there's a real mixed message there about what the pedestrians are supposed to do i get the the concept of desire paths and wanting to let people do what they wanna do but this is a case where it's unclear like if they had put a fence between the two sides it would have forced people to go up to the the light and they didn't do that instead they actually made it a little bit easier to get across mid intersection and i get when it's one hundred ten degrees you may not want to go out of your way to cross the street but at the same time so there's a lot there's a lot going on here but i do think that the tempe police chief is right in saying that it's par it's hard to imagine that.

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