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And we're back so yes i was nuts i one thing i gotta say about complex con is this year they weren't fucking around the VIP man what the fuck VIP i got you an early knows about it didn't get i don't think it got anywhere special or maybe got you onto a fucking the riser i don't really know but the artists bands is here artists was the real deal artists get you anywhere in artists bands they they weren't giving you unless you will artist and i mean if you a real like real talent that was that was dope they have the artist caspar at still didn't get you you had to cut it was you can kind of get into certain areas but artists ban was the real shit i connected with anderson pack recently kind of been avoiding anderson for a while not against him or anything in its something more more personal on inside level and he hit me up and we chopped it up quite a bit and he been one fuck me too so it was crazy so i chopped up with him sad i didn't see him on sunday at cobb was calm but we will definitely connect get compost compost fucking crazy onto some other shipment onison on a whole other ship jewel in shit everyone motherfucking world my cousin smokes that should should fucking guy can't think how you people i fucking know smoke joel gerber i see so many people fucking spoken joel julia just been accused of selling over one one million tainted vaping pots so after all this bullshit is going on it's fucking jewel all the fucking thirty billion dollar with a fuck they were some ridiculously insane billion dollar company that's on the cause VVS legit a nobody sick i'm not trying to fuck jinx anybody all our shave you take off that i'm telling you right now it was something fuck it was a fucking bootleg or something else was my shit it was was a bootleg you bought your shit black market or some shit and got them shits molly baba it was my shit period so sunday was the rest day obvious you know what's what is family day with the kids i did not show up to complex con even know people i kind of did tell people show up you know what people see me they go see the the jewelry house washed up i took over five hundred eighty six hundred pictures for wheel took over five hundred sixty pictures shook hands i feel bad for the people are short with that just ain't the place as to chop it up with me at that ain't the place to catch up even if you famous you got paper that ain't the place to catch up with me at it there's other places that that wasn't my body hurt overwhelm my body body still hurts rhino shield organiz month fucking papers but you already know sunday's our football and the mother buck bucket seahawks we got that w it was ugly as fuck myers you mother fucking piece of shit ice month fucking you missed to fucking field goals in not even far ones and then you missed a point after you beat him you mr PAT god damn in the puck and shitty as buccaneers like for real against winced like bro you let evans autumn man what's going on with our defense bro the fuck is going on anyways we got the w thank god fucking hollister jesus christ you know but on a better note let me say this all you little motherfucker in their chicken odu fucking numbers eight motherfucking igniters plate nobody yanni the only played no buck and buddy okay who oh you guys almost lost to the fucking book nears you mother fuckers almost lost to the cardinals they are ten times worse focus you talking about in the patriots awash with fuckers straight up in now and ain't even a question patriot shut pitch i don't wanna his shit about garoppolo fucked fucked clown k. patriots awash s and the patriots loss the patriots fucking loss to the ravens tonight all right patriots fucking lost the ravens santi want to shit about that mother fucking bullshit i we motherfuckers injured public quinton get fucking play today we all kinds of crazy ass mother fucking people talking shit it but let me tell you again shut the fuck up i on motherfucking november eleventh we we are going to fucking kick some mother fucking ass okay we go whip that mother fucking ass on november eleventh catching off fates shot to jacob hiccup hollister that motherfucker did thing metcalf fucking of course tyler did his thing lock its smallest for killing it i can't wait to santa clara hit levi levi stadium with my boy scott for rhonda oji filipino from seattle we will go up there month fucking do our motherfucking thug digital k. god damn i can't wait for that she she can't come soon enough speaking of sports lakers are doing their mother fucking thing number one in the west just saw with new sports agency you know shot excel sports management shot eric eric e. ways OG nike talk fam- and that should be crazy by the way man motherfuckers was stepping on my shoes left and right all white on white are forced ones with the custom korean logo on them and the anti brand so you know what i did when into my fanny pack and i pulled out a mother fucking crap protect quick wipe grabbed the crap protect yes krebs e. r. e. p. protect sponsor of the behind the baler podcast grabbed their quick wipe clean all my shit up i'm fact i did three times during the show keep my shit crispy a ship off bucked up didn't do it after the concert answer winning all fucked began but i did when i got home and if shit's as crispy always look out for crept protect there's nothing better than the mother fuckers the are crushing it the are showing love they are really giving back to the sneaker head community and man once again i can't express express enough how mazing this guy st sp philosophy is he's a he runs crap protect this dude manages crazy i'm looking forward to this fucking next collaboration i got with presented by who is an affiliate of of crap protect in they're based out of the UK i did my tracks with them so i'm doing another the tracksuit won't tell you what it looks like what we're doing another one for soul de XP that's in dubai and that is december fourth fifth left six i believe yeah four thousand six sabi and dubai and dubai from the third or the fourth to the ninth soviet dubai flow while beyond their chillan chillan.

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